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Fudge Sunday - 99 6G Balloons

Start the week more informed 🤔💡🤯🤓
This week we take a look at Mobile World Congress 2022, marketing, memes, and the growing democratization of mobile technology.

NENA | 99 Luftballons [1983] [Offizielles HD Musikvideo]
NENA | 99 Luftballons [1983] [Offizielles HD Musikvideo]
Getting Informed
Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022
Yes. 6G! Here we were just waiting for 5G.
So, how long until we see a consumer accessible democratized access to the technology?
Let’s take a look back then look ahead.
1989 = Marketing...
Setting aside the AT&T “you will” meme… the only thing holding back telecom in the 1990s was… telecom itself.
BBC Archive
#OnThisDay 1989: Blue Peter showed us that video meetings are nothing new.
1993 = (soon to be) Memes...
The AT&T “you will” meme will reach a 30th anniversary soon.
But there’s more…
AT&T's vision of the future, circa 1993 - AT&T Archives
AT&T's vision of the future, circa 1993 - AT&T Archives
Fast forward 17 years…
2010 = Progress...
iPhone 4 Apple "FaceTime" 2010 Commercial
iPhone 4 Apple "FaceTime" 2010 Commercial
Fast forward 11 years…
2021 = More progress...
Skype and Zoom might have been first for cross mobile /desktop / device video conferencing but Apple eventually caught up late last year.
Fast forward to right now… and things are getting very interesting!
Building Blocks of Democratization...
Rolling your own 5G balloon...
Fill your 5G balloon with... Helium
Tune in within 3-5 years to see how this newsletter has aged.🤓🤔🤣
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