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👋 I'm back (sort of)

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Good morning,
It’s been a while. I’m sorry about the long silent period. In the past months, I’ve been consumed fully by the Industry Research Project for Hyper Island around trust in the media.
However, it seems like 2020 ends as it has been for most of its runtime: A shitshow.
🚑 My first accident
On the 30th of November, I had an accident. I slipped on the stairs, tried to hold myself on the trapdoor. Unfortunately, it fell as well and slammed down on two of my right hand’s fingertips. They were cut off instantly. The paramedic found them sticking to the door.
2020 – the first time in a hospital.
2020 – the first time in a hospital.
Unable to type anything on a keyboard, the work on the thesis stopped. Even more: My progress on everything else at the workplace came to a grinding halt. I tried speech-to-text, but the solutions available to me aren’t satisfying at all. It’s been a frustrating time. At least, I could partake in some video calls.
Nevertheless, the human body is a fascinating machine: Instead of sewing the fingertips back on, nowadays, they simply cover the wound with an occlusive dressing. On the one hand, this results in a terrible smell. On the other, the fingertips grow back – fingerprints included – up to 90 percent of their original mass.
If you’re interested in seeing the progress, click here. Fair warning, though: The photos are quite graphic.
Nicely wrapped.
Nicely wrapped.
Honestly, I’m lucky. The accident could have been far worse than it was. Now, the pain’s gone for the most part. I’m optimistic that I can kick off 2021 more productive, although I’m still limited to one finger on the right hand. Typing takes much longer than I’m used to.
👋 Let's check out
I want to end the last issue of DigitalThought this year with the end-of-the-year check-out by Konrad Weber [read hereGerman]. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, click here to read more.
What am I taking with me from 2020?
2020 was all about transformation and resilience for me. I perceive change as an opportunity, and I was astonished at how well I performed even with remote work. I definitely want to find a balance between the office and work from home in the future.
What am I consciously leaving behind?
I will actively distance myself from toxicity not only in the context of work but also privately. Toxic behaviors and pointless discussions waste way too much of my energy.
What have I learned about myself and my environment?
I’ve learned that I’m able to work without the controlling environment of an office. However, I’ve also learned how valuable those casual, small human interactions are to build relationships in a team. And it’s tough for me to be creative in a video call.
What am I proud of?
I’m proud of the quick adaption to the ‘new normal’. (By the way, I hate that empty shell of a term.)
What am I grateful for?
Everybody who walked a part of 2020 with me in good faith, everybody who shared some insights with me, and everybody who supported me.
I encourage you to do a personal check-out as well. As Konrad Weber puts it: “Consciously writing down your answers makes it all the easier for you to structure thoughts and make connections between what you think and what you do.”
Now, I wish you all the best and a happy new year’s eve. We’ll hear from each other in 2021. 
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