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The Conduit Editor
The Conduit Editor
Every week I highlight some snippets from our free, full colour A4 monthly magazine, The Conduit, aimed at readers across South Somerset and West Dorset. We aim to keep you informed about What’s On in the area as well as providing a comprehensive ARTS section every month, all of which is researched and written by our wonderful assistant editor Julie Locke. There is plenty more to read in the magazine and you will find interesting articles ranging from a mix of travel to motoring, business, food and drink, local history, interior design and gardening.

It's never too early to start gardening! We have a very informative gardening section.
It's never too early to start gardening! We have a very informative gardening section.
Exclusive Articles only in The Conduit
We make sure there are really interesting articles for you to read every month. Some will make you laugh and some may even make you cry. We like to think there is something for everyone. In case you missed it, be sure to read Tracey Warren’s fascinating account of life as a female funeral director in this month’s issue. Tracey heads up funeral directors Stoodley and Son and her regular columns are a revelation for anyone who thinks this profession is stuffy and out of date!
Don't miss Tracey Warren's inciteful columns
Don't miss Tracey Warren's inciteful columns
June issue out next week!
As this goes out our June issue is being completed - don’t forget if you need to know our copy deadlines, they are always on page 3 of the current magazine or ask us for a production schedule if you are planning on running a series of adverts. For anyone who missed our colourful May issue, there are still some copies to be found - check out Sainsbury’s in Sherborne who carry a number of copies (slightly hidden adjacent to the tobacconist’s kiosk!). You can always email us and we can tell you about one of the 250+ outlets who carry copies. We now have smart new Point of Sale stands too.
Read the May issue and others online
Conduit Magazine - May 2021 by Shelleys the Printers Ltd - Issuu
Get ahead of the Game, Get in The Conduit!
If you would like to see your business or event featured in The Conduit, please get in touch now by emailing: info@theconduitmagazine.co.uk . Deadline for the July issue is Monday, 14 June.
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The Conduit Editor
The Conduit Editor

A chance to sample what the free monthly Conduit magazine covering South Somerset and West Dorset has to offer readers and advertisers. Look out for special offers and insights!

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