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The Conduit Editor
The Conduit Editor
Our free, full colour A4 monthly magazine, The Conduit, aimed at readers across South Somerset and West Dorset, is the perfect platform to promote your business in 2022.
We know how hard COVID has hit our wonderful restaurants, pubs and cafes, so we are focusing on businesses in the hospitality sector during the first part of the year and in April will be featuring the iconic Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne. This month we have a real personal favourite of mine - The Clockspire restaurant in Milborne Port - don’t forget to try their early suppers (a great way to sample their delicious food if you haven’t visited before).
The Conduit keeps you informed about What’s On in the area as well as providing a comprehensive ARTS section every month, all of which is researched and written by our wonderful assistant editor Julie Locke. Remember if you have an event coming up we need to know by the first week of the month before it is due to happen! Contact me for our copy deadlines or take a look at the website. If you advertise with us I will also flag up your event in this regular newsletter if you request it. 

Expect a very warm welcome from The Clockspire in Milborne Port
Expect a very warm welcome from The Clockspire in Milborne Port
Here is our Feb issue!
It's not expensive to advertise with us!
Many businesses are now returning to print because it is affordable and offers a whole raft of opportunities from advertorials to front covers and sponsored columns as well as full colour display adverts which we can help you design!
Get ahead of the Game, get in The Conduit
I have just put our March issue to bed so please do get in touch if you would like us to cover your business, organisation or event in our April issue. The copy deadlines are Friday 11 March for copy and Monday 14 March for advertising artwork. Look forward to hearing from you.
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The Conduit Editor
The Conduit Editor

A chance to sample what the free monthly Conduit magazine covering South Somerset and West Dorset has to offer readers and advertisers. Look out for special offers and insights!

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