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JAMstack News - Issue #1
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Welcome to JAMstack News! Every week I’ll be sending 5(‘ish) links to the most interesting news in the JAMstack world.

Microsoft Build 2020
Microsoft in a news letter about the JAMstack? You bet!
This week was Microsoft Build week. Microsoft really nailed the virtual conference format. If you missed it, it’s now available on-demand.
Microsoft Build 2020
Azure Static Web Apps App Service
Terrible name, great product?
Microsoft have supported hosting static web sites in Azure Blob Storage for a while, but the clunkily named “Static Web Apps App Service” takes that to a whole new level.
With full Github integration, automated deployment using Github Actions, custom domains, free SSL, deployment previews and Azure Functions integration, this has Netlify squarely in its sights.
Azure Static Web Apps – App Service | Microsoft Azure
More Azure Static Web Apps
More on Azure Static Web Apps - Jason Hand has some great tips on deploying Hugo Websites on the new Azure Static Web Apps platform.
10 Tips for Building and Deploying Hugo Websites on Azure Static Web Apps - DEV
Nuxt.js Content
I’m a big fan of Vue and chose Saber to build a number of content-based web sites for its speed and built-in blogging support.
The new Nuxt.js Content module might just change that though.
Introduction - Nuxt Content
Money makes the world go around
We may be in the middle of a global pandemic, with economies everywhere going in to freefall, but that’s not slowing investment in the JAMstack eco-system, with both Nuxt.js and Strapi announcing investments.
Announcing Nuxt's $2M seed round - NuxtJS
Strapi closes $10 M series A Funding
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JAMstack News

Welcome to JAMstack News! Every week I'll be sending 5('ish) links to the most interesting news in the JAMstack world.

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