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A Writer’s Notebook - Issue #4

Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham
“We don’t need a rest this is just a test
‘cause we’re alright, we’re up all night
To see the sun come up again now” -Unwritten Law
I am tired most days and it’s annoying.
It could be for several reasons.
It could be that I’m lazy.
It could be that I sleep late.
It could be that I’m just complaining and don’t want to deal with the important things at hand.
Whatever the reason is, I can either try to fix the problem so it can make my life and myself better.
Or I could keep complaining and not doing anything about it.
And I’m getting tired of that too.
I made it a goal at the end of last year that I have to do everything on my to-do list. If I can’t do it, I shouldn’t write it down.
2022 will be a turning point in my life.
I will need seriously need to buckle down if I want to make it. 
Let’s see how this goes!
P.S. My other goal is to edit and publish at least two videos a week. Right now, I am putting on my Instagram Reels so please check them out and let me know what you think!

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Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham @Jamiepham

Hi, I’m Jamie Pham. I currently live in Southern California working as a freelance writer, a social media manager, and run my own clothing line (One Two Threads). I’ve carried around a notebook with me for years now and usually jot down notes, ideas, and random things so I want to treat this newsletter as an extension of that.

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