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Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham
I am counting down the days until I can travel again. 
I would love to go back to England but I don’t know when I will be able to with the way ticket prices are at. 
I had a flight booked to England for April 2020 but it didn’t happen. 
The same flight is about 3x the price now which bums me out a lot. 
I try to travel to a far away place every other year as a way to reset my mind and get away for a little bit. 
There’s something about being thousands of miles from home and having to do everything on your own. 
Finding places to go, food to eat, etc. without having the comfort of “heading home”. 
And since I haven’t go since 2018, I am awaiting the next time I can leave the United States.
For now, I have a few trips planned in the states. Colorado in Summer, Nashville in the fall, and Florida in Winter. 
These little trips will have to hold me over until I can head over the pond again. 

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Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham @Jamiepham

Hi, I’m Jamie Pham. I currently live in Southern California working as a freelance writer, a social media manager, and run my own clothing line (One Two Threads). I’ve carried around a notebook with me for years now and usually jot down notes, ideas, and random things so I want to treat this newsletter as an extension of that.

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