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A Writer’s Notebook - FOCUS

Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham
This only applies to Apple users (sorry Android and PC users) unless there’s a similar feature on your device.
I’ve been using the “Focus” feature on my iPhone and MacBook lately and it has been amazing.
I usually set it for an hour while I work and it blocks any notifications and calls from coming in.
It does feel great when you can sit down and work without any distractions.
No Twitter and Instagram notifications.
No emails.
No texts.
It’s like a large amount of weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you’re free to focus (pun intended) on the task in front of you.
Only then will you feel completely free of all the “noise” that we’re subjected to throughout the day.
Sometimes, I want to delete all the apps on my phone but I know it isn’t workable especially when you’re running an online business.
But one day, I’ll get to a point to where I’ll be able to do that.
Sidenote: You can change the settings so you can receive texts and calls from certain people “in case of emergencies” but what’s the fun in that?

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Jamie Pham
Jamie Pham @Jamiepham

Hi, I’m Jamie Pham. I currently live in Southern California working as a freelance writer, a social media manager, and run my own clothing line (One Two Threads). I’ve carried around a notebook with me for years now and usually jot down notes, ideas, and random things so I want to treat this newsletter as an extension of that.

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