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SpatialTau is Back

Way back in November 2014 I started a newsletter called SpatialTau.
After 24 issues I stopped publishing. I stopped because I got married, got a new job and just felt Twitter was the best place to discuss what was on my mind. Since I’ve been back in spatial since I joined Fulcrum back in early 2019, I’ve thought much more about the subject and I’ve started blogging again. The thing tough is I’m just not sure blogs are the best format for long form thoughts. So my plan is to continue blogging, but start SpatialTau back up.
Every Wednesday, I’ll publish a newsletter that goes deeper into my thoughts on spatial, GIS, technology, workflows and what it means to be a GIS practitioner in 2020. I will leave the snark on my blog and twitter, so this will be more formal and more thoughtful.
First some housekeeping. TinyLetter is still around but it feels like it is on it’s last legs. This seems like the perfect time to move to a new service, Revue. I brought over my old list of subscribers and this is the first newsletter I’m publishing on the new service. While I’ve really gotten into newsletters in the past few years, I understand not everyone loves them, nor wants to me showing up in your inbox weekly. So please if you want to get off this crazy ride, click the unsubscribe button below and you’ll never hear from me again.
If you like the sound of this, please tell your friends. I really think this is going to be a fun exercise and hopefully through email we can all learn more about what makes Spatial so amazing. I promise no “thoughts on the shapefile” or “ArcGIS, argle bargle, or fooforaw?” posts. This will be very different than you expect.
I hope you’ll continue to subscribe to this newsletter. Please share any thoughts to me via as I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and see you next week.

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James Fee
James Fee @jamesmfee

Spatial, workflows and technology

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