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Notes from a Small Place - Issue #4: Resetting

So I've started about five different versions of issue 4 and every time a combination of other work,
Notes from a Small Place - Issue #4: Resetting
By Jake Meador • Issue #4 • View online
So I’ve started about five different versions of issue 4 and every time a combination of other work, unhappiness with what I have written for the newsletter, and a sense of not having time adequate for producing that sort of newsletter has led to my abandoning the draft and starting over. Until I’m doing Mere O full time, I don’t anticipate having the time to do the kind of newsletter I was initially imagining that this would be.
That being said, I’m still fairly bullish about newsletters for a number of other reasons. So I’m not abandoning the project, just reimagining what it needs to be. Outcome: I’m going for more of an eclectic newsletter built around reading and hobbies, essentially a way of trying to start conversation with readers and alert people to good things they might enjoy.
Let me know what you think of the format and also please feel free to respond with more general thoughts on the project as a whole or on anything I’m sharing in here.

Reading (Magazines)
Sealed in Blood: Aristopopulism and the City of Man | Mere Orthodoxy
Beating the Big Dry: How an Australian cattle farm is fighting drought by reviving ancient landscapes by Johannes Meier
Maria Popova’s Move From the Internet to Print Misses Its Connections
Introduction to the Book of Job – Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Digging Deeper: Issue 20
Reading (Books)
So imagine you’re in college. You’re a recently converted Presbyterian still shaking off bits and pieces of fundamentalism. You don’t have a ton of money. (See: “you’re in college.”) You’re also interested in learning about mixed drinks and particularly the tried-and-true classics. Here’s how you make a martini. It is still my preferred method:
Get a martini glass. (duh)
Pour a splash of bourbon or rye whiskey into the glass, swirl it around in the glass so that the entire inside of the glass is coated.
Add two shots of gin to a cocktail shaker and shake it for about 30 seconds with as much ice as the shaker can hold.
Strain the gin into the martini glass. Enjoy.
It’s the simplest, cheapest martini you’ll ever have and it’s still my favorite way to have one. I’ve made a couple over the past few Sundays as a way of celebrating the close of the Sabbath and as a kind of final indulgence before returning to Lenten practices on Monday.
The Work
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods | Christianity Today
I’ve also been trying my hand at more short-form columns lately at Mere O. Here are the results so far.
Whose Reaganism? Which Republicanism? - Mere Orthodoxy | Christianity, Politics, and Culture
Apologies, Power, and Martyrdom in a Decadent Age | Mere Orthodoxy
The Surprising Humanity of the Westminster Confession
The Homefront
Wendell and Austin are both sick at the moment–I’ll spare you the gory details of what “are both sick” means. Suffice to say we’re doing lots of laundry. We’re also getting to do lots of reading though–Joie was reading a Frog and Toad collection with Wen tonight and Davy Joy has been listening to The Hobbit during quiet time.
One of the great things about kids is seeing how they incorporate the stories they hear into their play–I’m not even sure what they were playing the other day, but both Davy and Wen thought the story of Bilbo hanging onto Dori’s legs as the eagles carried them away from the trees in the forest was hilarious and so at one point Davy was hanging onto Wendell’s legs as he said, quite loudly, “my poor legs my poor legs.” Kids are great, y'all. Even when they’re also very messy and sick and fussy.
Thanks for reading. I’m going to give this format a spin for awhile and see how I’m liking it. Let me know what you think too, if you have a moment.
Till next time,
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Jake Meador

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