Jacob Mullins' Weekly Newsletter

By Jacob Mullins

My weekly snapshot perspective on tech, startups, venture capital and its effects on daily life and our world.

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Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #13 - Libra: Facebook just liberated our money from the limitations of traditional finance

Lots is being written about Facebook’s announcement of the Libra blockchain protocol yesterday, Facebook’s entrance into global cryptocurrency. It’s a bold move from a company that connects more people on the globe than any other country, group or organizatio…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #12 - Time for Corporate Venmo? Opportunities in B2B Payments

This quarter I’ve been looking at how advancements in financial technology are changing the nature of the $2 trillion global payments ecosystem. As I’ve written previously about financial inclusion, I believe capital is the world’s universal language and I’m …


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #11 - A lot to like about Luckin: takeaways from the fastest growing coffee company in the world

Over the past few months I’ve been fascinated by a rapidly growing coffee chain in China called Luckin Coffee. The company is only two years old but has opened over 2,300 stores across China, with another 2,500 to open by end-2020 year. Last month, April 2019…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #10 - The shift from “Explicit” to “Implicit” computing: AI comes to fruition

Over the last 50 years, the storyline of AI has been that computers will one day be smarter than us. Countless sci-fi movies tell of run away anthropomorphized computers who reach a level of cognition whereby they realize their own worth and power and decide …


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #9 - The unbearable conviction of thesis-based investing

The unbearable conviction of thesis-based investingThe last few weeks I have been heads down in a category of an industry, I have been researching, learning, meeting, and asking as many questions as I can to both experts, and myself. Being in the thick of an …


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #8 - This Winter in Y Combinator, My Top 12 Picks

It's that time of half-year again, Y Combinator just launched nearly 200 companies into the world on two stages in San Francisco over two days. TechCrunch has comprehensive listings of the Day 1 and Day 2 companies, but I wanted to share my short list. My int…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #7 - Financial inclusion, dare I say Inclusive Capitalism

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about financial inclusion. We are feeling the daily effects of a growing wealth divide caused by dramatically increasing costs of living and fewer wage increases. We are hearing shouts for socialism from the steps of the Capito…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #6 - Welcome to the Mirrorworld & why it matters...

The Mirrorworld – as described by Kevin Kelly in this month’s Wired magazine cover story, which I highly recommend reading – is a detailed look into the next major paradigm shift that will unfold over the next two decades. This shift layers the digital world …


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #5 - Same purpose. Different tools.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to interview Travis VanderZanden CEO of Bird, after inviting him to speak to our Kauffman Fellows module in Los Angeles. In preparation, I reflected on how my relationship with him came to be, and was struck by the consisten…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #4 - The 10 million person party you weren’t invited to last weekend

Last weekend 10 million people came together to watch popular DJ Marshmellow perform a live set of EDM music inside the popular Fortnite game. Fortnite is a Battle Royale style multiplayer game where 50 people per room play against each other in a “last man s…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #3 - What it takes to raise a Series A in San Francisco right now

What it takes to raise a Series A in San Francisco right nowEvery day I talk with entrepreneurs raising a Series A. And as an entrepreneur, myself who has raised venture capital, I want to do my best in helping others understand how to be most successful in t…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #2 - Shaping the future of Blockchain policy in Washington DC

Rarely does a cutting-edge technology get such attention and focus by federal regulators. Out of the exuberance of late-2017 and the sobriety of 2018, US regulators are taking a hard look at the laws around blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and token rais…


Jacob's Newsletter - Issue #1: "Smart cards, smart cars, all smart everything"

It’s 2019. Issue #1. I’m starting an email newsletter, thanks for being here!Last week I was in Las Vegas for my annual pilgrimage to the international Consumer Electronics Show where companies ranging from young startups to industry leaders come to debut and…