Shipping Stuff

By Ian Wootten

I cover my story and others on the tools and code behind developers shipping great products. Every issue, I share some thoughts and compile the most interesting links I've discovered since last time.

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Go with your gut

If there's one adage I stand by from my years on this earth, it's the one of "Going with your gut". It's a cliche I know, but one I always reflect on when faced with a quandary. It's about being true and honest with yourself and ultimately has led to good thi…


Reflecting On My Computing History

When I was at primary school, my first foray into using computers was taking books from the library that were far beyond me and copying all the code I could find from them to the BBC Micro in our classroom. I once spent a full day in BASIC animating a boat go…


I'm a.... Creator?

The idea that "creating content" can be a full time job seems crazy at first. Yet, we're regularly fed examples of individuals doing just that. They exist on a multitude of platforms and their own sites. If we lookup something online, we'll probably reach for…


On Working as a Pipeline Developer

This week I felt quite nostalgic after seeing a job advert for a role I used to do at my old employer Aardman. It's been 12 years since I started work for them as a pipeline developer, but I have so many happy memories firmly wedged in my mind from my time th…


Getting Paid as a Technical Author

Last week I did something I've never done before. I was paid to write an article for the fine folks at It's since been published and received a lot of praise from a number of different Pythonistas along with a lot of comments on Reddit. My tw…


The Dependencies You Never Knew About

Most people don't care about content delivery networks or know anything about them. They would merrily go about their day visiting websites not caring about how they ended up on their device. On Tuesday this week the world suddenly had a hard and fast wake up…


Removing Distractions to Focus

Twitter is a cruel mistress. In the one hand you can engage with a fantastic network, enjoy a constant stream of interesting news, but on the other it can quickly become a massive time suck of endless scrolling. I've found myself often in the place looking fo…


You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

The CSS Framework Tailwind has taken some flak recently. In this video from 2018, Adam Wathan (creator of Tailwind) talks about how he's been able to achieve several very successful ebook launches over his career.


Reducing the Headache of Tax

I published a second tutorial about Python packaging and virtual environments, this time looking at Pipenv.


What is the best Infrastructure for Bootstrapped SaaS?

I talk about what bootstrapped businesses might want to consider before deciding on their approach to infrastructure.


Remember to Take Time Off

This past week I celebrated my second lockdown birthday. I was lucky enough to be given many gifts from friends and family which focused on my love of tv, film, games and electronic music of the last 30 years. Basically anything that can be enjoyed whilst sat…


Should you quit your job to work full time on projects?

My wife is incredibly positive about all of my current endeavours 😂.


The Problem with all Payment Providers

I love this take on why you shouldn't be putting your life on hold for open source projects. My kids are the best creations I've ever made.


Standing Out in a Sea of Noise

Zero To $5000Nathan Barry is a well known name in the world of bootstrapped businesses. He's the founder of Convertkit, a successful email marketing business currently making $81k monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with 58 staff around the world. This 2013 video…


Why Side Project Time is Never Wasted

There was a lot of controversy recently when Elasticsearch changed their license type and AWS choosing to fork the project. This video from fireship gives a really good insight behind what went down and how open source works more generally.