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By Ian Wootten

Each month I share what's new with me along with the stories, tools and code behind developers who ship great products.

Each month I share what's new with me along with the stories, tools and code behind developers who ship great products.

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AI is Everywhere!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is appearing everywhere right now. AI is being used within software generating art, video, audio and even Tesla's latest robot.


I finally caught Covid

It finally happened, after 2 and ½ years I’ve caught that nasty virus. I’ve felt pretty rough for a few days and not up to much. A perk of being self employed however means I have a very understanding boss. Whilst practically my work isn’t affected since I ca…


Selling Products from the Beach 🏖️

Something really nice at the moment is seeing sales of “Side Projects Making $$$+” without my marketing it all the time. I tweeted about it once this month, whilst at the beach on holiday last week.


Becoming a Slave to the Algorithm

A month after talking about how focusing on media that is simpler to create and enjoying a bumper 4 video May in the process, I have to admit I’m not sure what’s happened this month. I managed a single video, a tutorial on the Python Collections module.


Keeping things Simple

Last month I talked about my experience hitting a trending topic on YouTube and making lower effort videos. I've since made a lot of these sort of videos over the last month, culminating in me publishing 4 (just!). Whilst I say lower effort - it's still a sig…


Open the Box

During April I unboxed and looked over a refurbished M1 Pro Macbook Pro on my YT channel. I was slightly embarrassed to discover YT valued this far more than many of the tutorials and projects I'd slaved over previously as it quickly rose to be one of my most…


Selling My First Digital Product

This month, I launched my first ever digital product "Side Projects Making $$$+". I decided after compiling a years worth of all of Hacker News side project stories from 2022, that I had to go the whole hog and organise all six available years from 2017-2022.…


I Hit the Top Spot on Hacker News 🙌

This month I hit the top spot on Hacker News - or rather, an article I wrote for a client did. Granted, it was only for a few hours - but I had my 15 mins of fame (plus a few more).


The Ultimate Side Project Story

Like everyone else in January, I've been hooked on Wordle, the daily word guessing puzzle game that rose to fame over Christmas. It was built by Josh Wardle (artist/product manager/engineer) for his partner who loves word games as a simple side project. In ju…


Try Something New in 2022

I was recently reminded that on January 1st 2019, I wrote down 3 goals I wanted to achieve over that year: "Be more open", "Try more scary things" and "Worry less". It might be a little belated, but thought I'd reflect on these for this issue. Writing this ne…


The 2021 Retrospective

Keeping on the banking theme, I found this interview with Monzo founder Tom Blomfield really interesting. I had no idea that the company was originally built from a big chunk of Starling Banks original employees at the time. A subsequent interview with Starli…


Who buys all the Pi's?

Did you know that October is apparently 'Techtober'? A time when large tech companies release their expensive new products....No, I didn't either. Nevertheless, October marked two exciting events in my calendar which this months edition of the newsletter will…


Go with your gut

If there's one adage I stand by from my years on this earth, it's the one of "Going with your gut". It's a cliche I know, but one I always reflect on when faced with a quandary. It's about being true and honest with yourself and ultimately has led to good thi…


Reflecting On My Computing History

When I was at primary school, my first foray into using computers was taking books from the library that were far beyond me and copying all the code I could find from them to the BBC Micro in our classroom. I once spent a full day in BASIC animating a boat go…


I'm a.... Creator?

The idea that "creating content" can be a full time job seems crazy at first. Yet, we're regularly fed examples of individuals doing just that. They exist on a multitude of platforms and their own sites. If we lookup something online, we'll probably reach for…


On Working as a Pipeline Developer

This week I felt quite nostalgic after seeing a job advert for a role I used to do at my old employer Aardman. It's been 12 years since I started work for them as a pipeline developer, but I have so many happy memories firmly wedged in my mind from my time th…


Getting Paid as a Technical Author

Last week I did something I've never done before. I was paid to write an article for the fine folks at It's since been published and received a lot of praise from a number of different Pythonistas along with a lot of comments on Reddit. My tw…


The Dependencies You Never Knew About

Most people don't care about content delivery networks or know anything about them. They would merrily go about their day visiting websites not caring about how they ended up on their device. On Tuesday this week the world suddenly had a hard and fast wake up…


Removing Distractions to Focus

Twitter is a cruel mistress. In the one hand you can engage with a fantastic network, enjoy a constant stream of interesting news, but on the other it can quickly become a massive time suck of endless scrolling. I've found myself often in the place looking fo…


You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

The CSS Framework Tailwind has taken some flak recently. In this video from 2018, Adam Wathan (creator of Tailwind) talks about how he's been able to achieve several very successful ebook launches over his career.