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Who buys all the Pi's?

Who buys all the Pi's?
By Ian Wootten • Issue #16 • View online
Did you know that October is apparently ‘Techtober’? A time when large tech companies release their expensive new products….No, I didn’t either. Nevertheless, October marked two exciting events in my calendar which this months edition of the newsletter will be looking at.
Firstly, there was the official release of Python 3.10 and with it the arrival much hyped structural pattern matching. Check out this issues links for reasons why you may want to hold off upgrading though.
I’ve been running a bunch of benchmarks using the Python performance benchmark suite on my M1 mac with 3.10 to see if there were any major speed improvements - short answer, there wasn’t!
The second event was the unexpected release of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W - an upgraded version of the older Zero. It features a newer Quad core CPU roughly equivalent to a RPi 3. I’ve been a massive fan of everything the Raspberry Pi foundation release since they first started shipping hardware back in 2012 so had to pick one up of course. I think I have just about every variation of their machines - so it’s just as well most of them are tiny. I will be putting it to good use soon upgrading my ad blocker PiHole that sits on my internal network.
Hope you enjoy this issues links - as always, if you have any comments on them or content suggestions for the future, let me know.
Until next time, keep on shipping!

Where does all the effort go in Python Core?
Supply chain, shortages, and our first-ever price increase
Thumby - The Tiny Playable Keychain
Jeff Geerlings video on what he found when he XRayed the RPi Zero 2 W
Jeff Geerlings video on what he found when he XRayed the RPi Zero 2 W
Other Things
The Copy/Paste Keyboard - Stack Overflow
Tauri Framework
Stripe Elements: Embeddable UI payment components
A Favourite Tweet
Ian Wootten
Yay - The new RPi Zero 2 W has arrived. From release day to delivered to me in 25 hours! Very impressive @ThePiHut
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