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Removing Distractions to Focus

Removing Distractions to Focus
By Ian Wootten • Issue #9 • View online
Twitter is a cruel mistress. In the one hand you can engage with a fantastic network, enjoy a constant stream of interesting news, but on the other it can quickly become a massive time suck of endless scrolling.
I’ve found myself often in the place looking for the dopamine hit of that next notification, so this week I decided to take action and remove the app from my phone. It’s interesting to see how often now I’ll get a nervous twitch to reach for it until I realise it is no longer there.
It’s important to point out I haven’t quit twitter completely. It’s an incredibly important tool in both business and life so I’m figuring out what the best way for me to engage with it is.
It’s allowed me to focus on my work including delivering a new hardware video which will appear later today. Editing this was a MASSIVE effort and gives me renewed respect for editor colleagues I’ve worked with. I’m still trying to determine which direction to take my YouTube channel - but I’d love to do more hardware type projects.
If you have any comments on this issue or content suggestions for the future, please feel free to reply to this email and let me know.
Until next time, keep on shipping!

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Ian Wootten
Look how happy I am I got an LED to blink on my @Raspberry_Pi Pico 🤓
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