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I'm a.... Creator?
By Ian Wootten • Issue #13 • View online
The idea that “creating content” can be a full time job seems crazy at first. Yet, we’re regularly fed examples of individuals doing just that. They exist on a multitude of platforms and their own sites. If we lookup something online, we’ll probably reach for the familiar creators we’ve seen before who have a style we like and I’d wager choose these individual voices over a business. This issue, I highlight some stories from and about other creators on shipping content.
I consider myself a creator - through my blog, youtube and twitter. I guess that means I’ve been one for many years. You might too. Granted I’m not full time or particularly successful - so why do I bother? I enjoy the random connections it can bring and the warm fuzzy feeling that can only come from helping other developers with their programming who I might never reach otherwise. To wake up in the morning and get a comment or query from another dev, gives me a smile to start my day. I’ve only really recognised this in periods when I’m not sharing, something is a little off with my world.
In other news, it’s the school summer holidays here in the UK, so I’m having a bit of a breather. In an effort to keep these issues interesting, I’ve reduced their frequency to once a month. Let me know if you prefer it, or want more of me back in your life.
As always, keep on shipping!

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Ian Wootten

I cover my story and others on the tools and code behind developers shipping great products. Every issue, I share some thoughts and compile the most interesting links I've discovered since last time.

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