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The best of the tech industry, life optimization, and just plain fun.

The best of the tech industry, life optimization, and just plain fun.

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#451 - Crypto rapper felon, Natives in Hollywood, and tipping at the counter

Not much to share IRL this week other than attending a talk by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, gay men who dress up as nuns and it turns out, do a lot more than just host a Hunky Jesus competition every Easter!They're responsible for several laws in Cali…


#450 - Harbin, nerdy dating strategies, and actual raver children

I finally visited Harbin Hot Springs this weekend, the famous hippie hot sprints two hours north of SF that sadly burned to the ground in 2015 in a fire and has been slowly rebuilt. It definitely felt like a place that was once special, and now feels more lik…


#449 - Burning Man on boats, DALL-E best prompts, and camp fundraisers

My buddy Aris passes on this opportunity for engineer/researcher friends:"We just kicked off hiring for the winter class of the OpenAI Residency — a 6-month, project-based program that provides a pathway for engineers and researchers to transition into AI and…


#448- How to Party Pro, Self Driving Urban Sprawl, and Paramotor Balloon Chases

I hung out with my fellow newsletter writer friend Nick Gray this weekend and followed the party format of his new book on how to host parties easily, which was fun!We talked about how the tactics are essentially 'guardrails for introverts' that allow everyon…


#447 - SD wedding, beyond War analogies, and childrens choir pop

I spent the weekend in San Diego at a dear friends delightful wedding.This is my third friend wedding and I'm noticing all the repeating elements: not much time with the bridge and groom, nervous bonding with the few other folks you know there, and lots of ad…


Issue #446 - Pre IPO stock access, AI created DIY scifi, and Swahili Lords Prayer

I missed last week due to a hectic week and Revue being down - apologies!I was up at the Kift vanlife property in Lakeport CA - which is a beautiful and unorthodox 'octolodge' the last owner build for huge family reunions. Check out that main space!Then I swu…


#445 - DALL-E access, objective DMT reports, and Fremont's colorful namesake

TIL that the namesake of Kaiser Permanente started the co to give healthcare to his warship builders during WW2, (who built ships in world records of mere hours) and had a successful car company after.Likewise, the namesake of the town of Fremont led a colorf…


#444 - Vanlife campout, deprogramming cultists, and dopamine detoxes

I spent the weekend at Kift's annual vanlife campout, hosted at the Heartland Collective lakeside site near Nevada City. It was fun to explore everyone's van builds and hear about their lives on the road. What Kift is doing (vanlife membership for partial sta…


#443 - Talking to antivaxxers, SF's not failed yet, and Why US Trains Suck

I attended a nonviolently facilitated conversation with anti vaxxers this week, and enjoyed the opportunity to hear directly from the other sides mouths what they believe and their experience.Because it was facilitated, we spent most of the time purposefully…


#442 - Seattle festivals, taking estrogen for fun, and the etymology of 'California'

I'm back after missing last week due to the insanity of doing two camping festivals back to back weekends. Hard to do unless unemployed!Lightning in a Bottle was an interesting time, combing the magic of deep playa Burning Man with a normal hippie music festi…


#441 - Puerto Rico, Woke(r) history, and the King of Reggaeton

I'm back from Puerto Rico, and so glad I went. Comparing its relationship to the US vs that of my 2021 home Hawaii was immensely insightful for me. The main differences are perhaps obvious - the Caribbean is far more humid and hotter, and far more plugged int…


#440 - Social event software, sexy vegan propaganda, and Aussie convicts

Hola from Puerto Rico! I'm here to celebrate a friends birthday, and scope the nascent crypto scene that's exploded here in recent years. Expect a full debrief next week when I'm back, but so far, it's fascinating to compare the neocolonial visitor dynamics …


#439 - Galactic Aztecs, Prison Letters, and American Eurovision

Ten days out from my first COVID symptoms, I think I am finally coming off of this illness. It's definitely more than a nasty flu, in my experience. Similar symptoms, just heavier fatigue and load.I managed to get some Paxlovid prescribed to me through this C…


#438- Orgasm musicals, COVID supplements, and the Lindy way of ancient wisdom

I saw Rachel Lark's new sold-out musical Coming Soon about a woman who has faked her orgasms for 8 years, which was absolutely stupendous and the most approachable yet comprehensive look at the Bay Area poly lifestyle my peers and I lead that I've seen yet. T…


#437 - the Bohemian Club, Elon's Twitter ingredients, and cops for legalization

I was invited to the Bohemian Club by a member this week, so Thursday found me in a jacket and tie, assiduously not checking my phone as ordered and looking conspicuous as one of the few (still all white) men under 40, or even 50.Yes, that Bohemian Club, the …


#436 - Multiverse magnificence, DAOs for noobs, and the original Shrek

y'all go see the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once right now!I PROMISE you won't regret it if you're into cinematography, costuming, multiverses, genre bending, intergenerational immigrant dynamics, choreography, surrealism, nihilism, or just plain sill…


#435 - Week one #vanlife, IRL zombie disease, and thermonuclear class war

Here's some week one of urban vanlife thoughts for you all:SF is uniquely well suited for vanlife because its houselife...ain't all that different. In my van, I struggle with street noise and whiffs of sewage from the sidewalk, sure - but those are challenges…


#434 - #vanlife start, arrogant philanthropy, and secret public hot tubs

Hello from my new #vanlife parked in the Mission district of SF!It's surprisingly doable - there's plenty of small friction points to address or ignore, like space and street noise, but no big ones so far. Definitely going to get a coworking space so I don't …


#433 - VR DJ Class, Anarchy's Matron Saint, and hard-earned coliving wisdom

I socialized for 50 hours this weekend nonstop with only sleep and eat breaks, which has become a trend. 😳 Bay area is back, baby!I try to share such events on my newsletter but many are private and not mine to share! Here's some public ones this coming weeke…


#432 - Co-op magic dolls, drug Wikipedia, and the specific machine to rage against

I've been playing the co-op game It Takes Two with my family, which starts with a devastated daughter crying on her dolls and wishing her parents wouldn't divorce, which magically traps the parents in the dolls and you play as them through the now super sized…