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The #1 Dogecoin Newsletter! Simplifying Dogecoin, crypto, and the meme economy. What you need to know — Subscribe now!

The #1 Dogecoin Newsletter! Simplifying Dogecoin, crypto, and the meme economy. What you need to know — Subscribe now!

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Dogecoin Solves the Generational Wealth Gap

Some degree of financial inequality is to be expected among generations.Older Americans have spent more of their lives working, so it isn't surprising that wealth distribution skews toward Baby Boomers and Generation X.Still, Millennials are getting smoked by…


Dogecoin is finishing what GameStop started

Last January, financial markets were briefly turned upside down in a chaotic series of events whose effects are still being felt.Acting on the research of Keith Gill—known on YouTube as RoaringKitty and Reddit as u/deepfuckingvalue—thousands of retail investo…


Will Mars have a Dogecoin Standard?

The interview's first bombshell dropped when Elon told Lex that SpaceX could put a person on Mars in the next five to ten years.


This Is Why Dogecoin is the People's Crypto

Jack Dorsey built Twitter into the best public forum in the world for talking about crypto.While he was Twitter's CEO, Jack was characteristically muted in sharing his opinions, as is the norm for leaders of publicly traded companies (except for Elon).Since s…


This is Why Elon is Person of the Year

Tesla will accept Dogecoin for merchandise!


Dogecoin's Greatest Hits of 2021

Elon tweeted this Dogecoin "Instructional video" right after Doge finished its first leg up of 2021, moving from less than a penny to seven cents in a few weeks.


Here's How Doge Could Eat the Crypto Market

The more Dogecoin circulates, the more powerful the Doge meme becomes.30% of Dogecoin is locked on Robinhood until the company rolls out crypto wallets. Last week, Robinhood COO Christine Brown said that wallets will go live in Q1 of 2022.Wallets will allow R…


The DogeArmy is Taking the Fight to Exchanges

Robinhood crypto wallets are closer than ever.COO Christine Brown sent 420.69 Ð from Robinhood to an external wallet, first Dogecoin transaction of its WalletsAlpha program.The transaction fee was half a cent.Individual wallets will allow the DogeArmy to use …


gm, ConstitutionDAO, and the Republic of Memes

A new meme coin has burst onto the crypto scene, spreading like wildfire across Twitter and spilling out into the broader world.$gm is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created a little over a week ago.The token's name refers to the practice of sayin…


This Is Why Tesla Will Accept Dogecoin

No company in the world right now is quite as captivating as Tesla:In September 2020, Tesla held Battery Day to unveil revolutionary increases in EV battery efficiency.In June 2021, Tesla held a Model S Plaid delivery event. The Model S is capable of reaching…


Doge, Shib, and the Meme Economy

Shiba Inu coin made its move in October, vaulting into the top 10 cryptocurrencies with an explosive 800%+ rally.More surprising: Shib passed Doge last week to become the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.


Inflation is the Problem and Dogecoin is the Cure

Last Friday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey kicked the hornet's nest by claiming that imminent hyperinflation of the dollar could trigger fiat currency debasement across the world


Bitcoin Smashes All-Time High—Here's Why Doge Could Be Next

Bitcoin has been on a tear lately.A number of factors have contributed to the king crypto's explosive rally in October.After months of anticipation, the SEC finally approved a Bitcoin ETF, likely the first of several. The approval opens the floodgates for ins…


A Brief History of The Dogecoin Rise in 12 Memes

Elon tweeted this meme In the middle of 2020, hinting at the then-laughable possibility that Dogecoin would play a key role in crypto's challenge to the legacy financial system.The tweet kicked off a one-of-a-kind experiment, as the world's most innovative en…


Coinbase and the Doge Economy

The Coinbase listing of Dogecoin was one of the most hyped crypto events of the first half of 2021.Coinbase listed Doge for trading in June, making the dog-meme crypto easy to buy and sell for 60+ million customers.


2021: Year of the Doge?

In August, AMC Cinemas CEO Adam Aron announced plans to accept Bitcoin for in-theater purchases.At the time, he hinted AMC might get involved in other cryptocurrencies.His comments fueled speculation that Dogecoin was next. The opportunity to create synergy b…


Why Doge Is Ready for the Big Leagues

The NFL season kicked off early last Wednesday when Bucs stars Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski put out a pair of dueling crypto advertisements that both mentioned Dogecoin.


Why NFTs Will Change Everything

Bitcoin has ignited a revolution in money by introducing the concept of digital scarcity.While there is no limit to the number of dollars that can be printed, there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins on the blockchain.Much of Bitcoin's value comes from its…


Elon's Master Plan for Dogecoin

Tesla put on a mind-blowing presentation at AI Day.Like 2020's Battery Day, AI Day pulled back the curtain on how Tesla is remaking civilization's core technology from the ground up.Full Self-Driving, the Tesla Bot, and the Dojo supercomputer invite people to…


Mark Cuban's Theory of Doge

Last Thursday, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced that the Mavericks planned to give a discount to buyers who paid in Doge.