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Crypto's Dark Night

Multiple big crypto funds have been pushed to the brink of insolvency.The first alarm was the collapse of Terra Luna and its algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD in May.This past week, two more funds ran into trouble: the lending platformCelsius paused customer wi…


Take Me To Your Meme Lord: Aliens and Doge

Sometime in the last few years, the media began taking UFOs seriously.Declassified military encounters with mysterious physics-defying aircraft have made the subject impossible to ignore.Stories about UFOs have even appeared in The New York Times and 60 Minut…


Shorts, Scams, and Grifts: Navigating Crypto's Underbelly

Big money players use short-selling to manipulate markets.Hedge funds borrow Dogecoin held on an exchange and sell it on the open market.Later, when price drops, these same groups will buy back Doge and return it to the exchange, completing the transaction, c…


Four Timeless Investing Principles for Dogecoin

Dollar-cost averaging is the investing strategy of dividing up the total amount of money to be invested, and making periodic purchases regardless of price.For example, if I had $100 to invest in Dogecoin, I might spend $10 every Monday for 10 weeks.


The Great Twitter Bot War

Elon's acquisition of Twitter is on hold because of bots.A recent Twitter SEC filing claimed that "fewer than 5 percent" of daily active users are "false or spam accounts."Elon has called that figure into question, and Twitter hasn't been able to prove it's r…


Here's Why Doge Is Built To Thrive In Tough Times

The crypto market sustained a deep correction last week.The immediate cause was the collapse of the Terra protocol and its Bitcoin-backed stablecoin TerraUSD.TerraUSD was designed to maintain a consistent value of one dollar.When a well-funded, anonymous enti…


Take The Doge Pill

In May 2020, during the early chaotic months of the pandemic, with much of the world under lockdown and speculation swirling about the true nature of the virus, Elon tweeted "Take the red pill" with a red rose emoji.


Elon Is Making Twitter Fun Again

Twitter is buzzing with fresh energy from the combination of new users and decreased censorship.


Here's How Elon Put Twitter's Board In Checkmate

Elon has been battling the Twitter board for control of the company for the last month.After Elon declared his original attempt to buy Twitter two weeks ago, the board adopted a 'poison pill' to sink his bid.This past week, Elon countered by announcing a tend…


The Dogefather Takes On The Speech Cartel

Elon's bid for Twitter started two weeks ago, when an SEC filing revealed that he had bought 9.2% of Twitter shares, making him its largest public owner. The next day, CEO Parag Agrawal announced that Elon had agreed to join the board.In the week that followe…


This Is What The Cyber Rodeo Means For Doge

Thursday night, Tesla held its Cyber Rodeo to celebrate the completion of its Gigafactory Texas.


The Doge-cial Network: Will Dogecoin Power the Next Generation of Social Media?

Over the last two weeks, Elon polled Twitter about the future of social media.First, he asked his followers if the Twitter algorithm should be transparent.


Monkey Media

Bored Ape Yacht Club is an NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection includes 10,000 unique profile pictures featuring variations of a cartoon ape.Since launching in April 2021, Bored Apes have quickly become a blue chip NFT brand.Part of t…


THIS Is Why Dogecoin Is The Current Thing

This week, the people struck a blow against the mainstream narrative, unleashing a powerful meme on the world: "I Support The Current Thing."The meme depicts NPC Wojak affirming his support for the cause-du-jour.


Meme World Order: Why Dogecoin Will Thrive In A Changing World

The global financial system is in a state of upheaval.Last Tuesday, an analyst from the $800 billion dollar investment bank Credit Suisse put out a report predicting the birth of a new world monetary order.Zoltan Pozsar, an insider who's worked for both the F…


In A World At War, Doge Is Waging Peace

Emerging from a two-year pandemic, the people of earth find themselves staring down the possibility of a world at war.


Dogecoin Is For Everyone

The pandemic kickstarted a renaissance in retail investing, leading many people to buy crypto for the first time.Millions have joined the digital economy over the last two years, but the growth has been uneven.A gender gap remains among crypto investors. A re…


The Dogecoin Vibe in Four Memes

Twitter can be pretty intense. Same with crypto. Together, they make for an wild combinationCrypto Twitter (CT) is overrun with sophisticated shills and bots whose goal is to generate fear and lead people them to make poor decisions with their money.


Can Crypto Fix The Media?

Elon has a long history of being mistreated by the press.Last week, he sparked a discussion about negativity in traditional media:


Who Controls the Memes of Production?

Nowhere is the meme supply chain more evident than in the NFT boom.At least $25 billion dollars of NFTs were sold in 2021, roughly a 75-fold increase from 2020. Sales have continued to grow in 2022.One of the main drivers of the boom has been the arrival of v…