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This is Why Elon is Person of the Year

Last week began with Elon Musk winning Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award and using his platform to explain the merits of Doge as a transactional currency.
The next day, he announced that Tesla would be Dogecoin for merchandise purchases.
Let’s take a look at how Elon’s companies are experimenting with Doge, and what it could mean for the future of money.

Doge for Tesla merch
Tesla will accept Dogecoin for merchandise!
Elon Musk
Tesla will make some merch buyable with Doge & see how it goes
Tesla has a track record of selling out of viral meme objects like ‘S3XY’ short shorts, Teslaquila, a ‘Don’t Mess with Tesla’ belt buckle, and the Cyberwhistle.
Dogecoin integration could set off a chain reaction of other publicly traded companies following in Tesla’s footsteps. It could also lead to Tesla accepting Doge for vehicles.
Cameron Winklevoss
@elonmusk thinking @Gemini should do the same w/ our much wow
Since Doge hit the mainstream at the beginning of 2021, the DogeArmy has been looking for an opportunity to prove itself as a loyal customer base.
Now, it will get a chance to demonstrate Proof of Wow on the world stage.
Much excite!
Person of the year
Elon Musk was named Person of the Year by Financial Times and Time Magazine.
In an interview with Time, Elon said his main goals are to become a space-fairing civilization and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy—Mars and Cars.
"My career is Mars and cars."

Watch: TIME's 2021 Person of the Year @elonmusk in conversation with TIME editor-in-chief @efelsenthal #TIMEPOY
After a strong 2021, Tesla and SpaceX should be able to take more risks in the coming year.
Tesla’s biggest gamble is the Cybertruck, which Elon called “an insane technology bandwagon” that looks like it was made by “aliens.”
In combination with Full Self-Driving technology (which will also power the Tesla Bot), it could change civilian travel forever.
SpaceX will launch its Starship into orbit in 2022. The world’s first reusable rocket is expected to lead to a “quantum leap” in deep space science, and the start of a Mars colony within five years.
SpaceX will also start a program to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into rocket fuel.
Both companies experimented with crypto in 2021.
At the start of the year, Tesla bought $1.5 billion dollars of Bitcoin to hold as a reserve asset.
In May, SpaceX announced it would accept payment in Dogecoin from satellite-maker Geometric Energy Corporation. Dogecoin will be the “unit of account for all lunar business” between the two companies.
Time’s Person of the Year @elonmusk shares why #Dogecoin is a practical contender for becoming the leading transactional #crypto

“It encourages people to spend, rather than to hoard it as a store of value” $DOGE #DOGE
Elon told Time that Dogecoin and Bitcoin serve different purposes, with Doge acting as a transactional currency and Bitcoin as a store of value.
If Tesla and SpaceX are successful, their experiments with crypto will provide a roadmap for other institutions to copy.
Mars, Cars, and Dogecoin
Increasingly, Dogecoin looks like it’s part of Elon’s plans at both Tesla and SpaceX.
When it opens up Doge for merch purchases, Tesla will become the largest company ever to #AcceptDoge.
SpaceX is months away from launching the Doge-1 satellite and could soon be putting a literal Doge meme on the moon.
The Person of the Year is devoting his full energies to Mars, Cars and Dogecoin. The future is Wow!
Dogey Treats: News Bites
ARK’s Cathie Wood put out a report arguing the global economy is “undergoing the largest technological transformation in history” driven by blockchain, AI, energy storage, DNA sequencing, and robotics. Elon said the report was “Interesting.”
Robinhood announced crypto gifting starting December 22nd. COO Christine Brown said, she didn’t have “any predictions quite yet if there’s going to be a fan favorite.”
The Federal Reserve has stopped referring to inflation as “transitory.” Jack Dorsey took note. Fed Chairman Powell also said he did not see cryptocurrencies as a concern for overall financial stability.
Foreign Policy published an article arguing that the 21st century belongs not to any nation state but constituents of the blockchain-based Internet.
The NY Times published an op-ed tracking seismic changes to money in last year.
Grimes revealed that Elon cut his own hair for Time’s POY cover.
Digital artist Beeple gave Joe Rogan a Dogecoin NFT called “Gigachad.”
The first-ever NFT was minted on the Dogecoin blockchain.
Michael Jordan is launching a Web3 platform on Solana called HEIR with his son.
Melania Trump released her first NFT on Solana.
Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t support a ban on politicians trading individual stocks because “we are a free market economy.”
Anchorage Capital Group, a $7.4 billion dollar hedge fund which bet heavily against AMC, is closing.
A US Senate candidate from Ohio said Bitcoin can restore power to the people.
South Park did a riff on NFTs.
Memes of the week
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