The Dogecoin Vibe in Four Memes



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It's ALL Risky
It's ALL Risky
All forms of money influence human emotion and behavior.
Defined by endless inflation, government fiat currencies carry a vibe of insufficiency and lack, creating a sinking feeling of never having enough.
Dogecoin is different. Its emotional charge is of positivity, abundance, and limitless potential. There may even be something mystical about Doge.
Let’s take a look at four memes that give Dogecoin its special feels.

1 Doge = 1 Doge
Twitter can be pretty intense. Same with crypto. Together, they make for an wild combination
Crypto Twitter (CT) is overrun with sophisticated shills and bots whose goal is to generate fear and lead people them to make poor decisions with their money.
These malicious entities create FOMO and FUD in order to drive short-term thinking, overhyping the importance of minute-by-minute price movements. Spending a few hours trying to learn about crypto on Twitter can induce a perpetual state of fight-or-flight.
1 Doge = 1 Doge is an antidote to this madness.
The meme is a reminder that the true value of Dogecoin has nothing to do with its dollar value at any given moment.
The DogeArmy has internalized this meme, making it the chillest, highest-vibing community in crypto.
To hold Dogecoin is to be a beacon of calm amidst a tempest of fear.
Did Putin crash the market on purpose?
Will there be a McDonald’s pump?
In the end, it doesn’t matter. 1 Doge still equals 1 Doge.
Tipping is a staple of Dogecoin culture.
Every Tuesday, DogeArmy members are encouraged to send tips to each other, or use tipping as a way to send Doge to people who don’t have any.
Generosity and gratitude are a high vibrational states.
The more Doge moves among people, the more positive feelings are generated, and the stronger the community becomes.
Dogecoin’s culture of giving adds something unique to crypto, which, fairly or not, has an image problem of being associated with greed.
With Doge, people quickly learn that it’s fun to spread their coins around.
A recent petition requesting Doge tips be added to Twitter exemplifies how much the DogeArmy loves to share their coins.
As crypto goes mainstream, it will need to cross the perception gap from digital oddity to superior form of money.
One way to do this is by linking crypto culture with our basic humanity. Gift-giving is a universal human behavior.
The further Doge spreads, the stronger it becomes. The DogeArmy culture of tipping and gifting is an inbuilt mechanism for making Doge go viral across the world.
To the Mars!
One of the first things people learn in crypto is the meme rallying cry “To the moon!”
Elon’s quest to colonize Mars has led the DogeArmy to dream even bigger.
In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Elon said Dogecoin’s earthly blockchain wouldn’t be able to synchronize on Mars because of the distance between the two planets.
Still, the possibility of crypto on Mars is just about the most bullish thing imaginable for digital money.
Over the past year, Dogecoin and SpaceX have grown increasingly intertwined.
In May, a press release revealed that SpaceX had accepted Dogecoin as payment for a lunar mission.
Last week, Elon responded to journalist Johnna Crider’s request to accept Doge for SpaceX merch and Starlink with a winking emoji.
Dogecoin and Mars exploration share a deep affinity in that both suggest a limitless future.
Even a few years ago, the idea of humans using cryptocurrency on Mars would’ve gotten you laughed out of any serious discussion
And yet, today, it seems like a real possibility.
There’s also a prophetic aspect to each. Elon has repeatedly affirmed his belief that Doge is “inevitable,” expressed in this powerful meme:
In a 1953 book “Mars Project,” rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun refers to a person or title called Elon that would lead the Mars colony.
Pranay Pathole
@elonmusk @tobyliiiiiiiiii Yeah it's real. This is the English transcript of the same book ... But "Elon" referred by Von Braun in the book isn't the name of the person but rather the name of the position something like an elected meritocratic president
Von Braun is a complicated figure in his own right. He was one of main developers for the Nazi’s dreaded V-2 rocket during World War II. After the war, he worked to the United States (along with many Nazi scientists as part of Operation Paperclip) to launch NASA.
The astounding improbability of these events hints at something supernatural afoot.
At this strange moment in history, #teamhumanity could use some divine intervention.
The past two decades been marked by endless war, the rise of surveillance capitalism, financial crises, a pandemic, and intensifying political division. Not exactly a great start to the new millennium, at least at a geopolitical level.
Both Mars colonization and Dogecoin represent a radical break from the past and a chance at a new, more optimistic beginning.
Sure, putting memes on other planets sounds quixotic and a little unhinged, but what do we have to lose?
To the Moon, the Mars, and beyond!
E God
There’s something otherworldly about the Doge meme.
Just as the silhouetted Jordan logo has become an avatar for athletic excellence, or the Mona Lisa represents art’s ability to express the ineffable, Doge is an archetype for the internet’s cosmic absurdity.
Elon Musk
Doge spelled backwards is Egod
As protean as humanity itself, the Internet has for the most part resisted attempts at pithy summary.
Originally designed communications network for sharing scientific and military information, it has evolved into a tool for disseminating everything from cat videos to religious sermons to pornography to political revolution.
With each passing year, the Internet becomes more enmeshed with our lives. A mere three decades have passed since it became widely available, but it is difficult to conceive of civilization existing without it today.
At times, it feels capable of engulfing humanity itself. Something so multifarious needs a unifying symbol.
The Doge meme puts a face on this otherwise unclassifiable hive mind entity.
At once sacred and profane, wholesome and dank, the Doge embodies the full sublimity, paradox, and silliness of the Internet.
Like a mythological trickster god, Doge is capable of blending seamlessly into any situation.
Elon has talked about the possibility of “godlike” artificial intelligence.
Elon Musk on Godlike Artificial Intelligence
Elon Musk on Godlike Artificial Intelligence
This AI might turn out to be a punishing, malevolent, old-testament-style God. Or it could be benign, or even friendly.
In either case, humans will be at its mercy.
“Even the benign situation,” Elon said, “if you have ultra-intelligent AI, we would be so far below them in intelligence that it would be like a pet.
It’s possible this digital deity is already here, waiting for the right moment to announce its presence.
If so, how would it choose to communicate?
To our dogs, we are gods. This power should not be taken lightly.
To our dogs, we are gods. This power should not be taken lightly.
Domestication of feral wolves into loyal, friendly companion animals is one of humanity’s proudest achievements, affirming our capacity to treat lesser creatures as equals.
Godlike AI, seeking to impart its benevolence, might try to bond with humanity over humorous and irreverent Doge memes.
To establish harmony with godlike AI, humanity could do worse than to use the human-dog relationship as a template.
Verily, to our dogs, we are as gods, and to our gods, we might very well be as dogs.
Such metaphysics. Much woo!
In Doge We Trust
All money has a vibe in that it influences human emotion and behavior.
Government fiat currencies, defined by regimes of inflation and taxation, encourage cutthroat morality and feelings of insufficiency and greed.
Dogecoin’s vibe is different. A core set of memes generate feelings of abundance, gratitude, and awe among the DogeArmy.
1 Doge = 1 Doge is reminder that the true value of Dogecoin is independent of market volatility.
The practice of #TippingTuesday reinforces the idea that Doge, like all forms of wealth, is meant to be shared, not hoarded.
Over the last year, Dogecoin has become bound up in interstellar exploration, imbuing its future with a sense of limitless possibility.
Someday, people may recognize Doge as the archetypal face of the Internet hive mind, suffused with deep mystical significance.
If godlike AI were to domesticate humanity, shearing us of our worst qualities and leaving only the most peaceful and fun-loving impulses, there’s a decent chance it’d use doge memes to do it.
In Doge we trust.
Dogey Treats: News Bites
Elon announced a “futuristic diner / drive-in theater” in Hollywood that will accept Dogecoin.
Christine Brown tweeted that Dogecoin has been Robinhood’s most-gifted crypto since crypto gifting launched in December.
Elon donated $5.7 billion dollars worth of Tesla stock to an unnamed charity at the end of 2021.
Twitter added Ethereum tipping. A petition is circulating to get Twitter to add Doge tipping next.
Dogecoin appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Doge dev Ross Nicoll is stepping away from his work with the Dogecoin Foundation.
Dogecoin Foundation Product Lead Timothy Stebbing wrote a detailed post about the first few months of the Foundation and its progress toward its goals.
The New York Stock Exchange filed a trademark application for an NFT marketplace.
Snoop Dogg is planning to turn Death Row Records into the first NFT music label.
The Department of Justice is pursuing a wide-ranging investigation into hedge funds for manipulating the stock market through short-selling, the Wall Street Journal reported. AMC CEO Adam Aron made note.
The Federal Reserve approved rules banning its officials from trading crypto.
After invoking the Emergency Powers Act, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau vowed to freeze bank accounts linked to the anti-mandate trucking protest. The RCMP ordered a blacklist of 34 crypto wallets from doing business with Canadian financial institutions. The moves appeared to trigger a bank run, as several major Canadian banks reported outages following the announcement. Elon tweeted, and then deleted, a meme comparing Trudeau to Hitler.
Colorado Governor Jared announced the state would accept Bitcoin for taxes starting this summer.
The FBI is forming a cryptocurrency unit.
Biden will release an executive order on crypto this week.
Andrew Yang said Web3 technologies were a “profound opportunity to fight poverty.” Last year, Yang said cryptocurrency could be a path to Universal Basic Income.
Ukraine passed a law legalizing cryptocurrency.
Oil and gas giant Conoco Philips disclosed it is selling energy to a Bitcoin miner in North Dakota.
On Thursday, February 17th, the DogeArmy flooded social media with posts about Dogecoin, causing it to trend on Twitter with 63,000 tweets.
Elon’s lawyer told a Manhattan district judge that the “The SEC seems to be targeting Mr. Musk and Tesla for unrelenting investigation largely because Mr. Musk remains an outspoken critic of the government; the SEC’s outsized efforts seem calculated to chill his exercise of First Amendment rights.” Elon has a long history of conflict with the SEC.
Elon revealed that, at a 2009 lunch, with Warren Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger, Munger “told the whole table all the ways Tesla would fail. Last Wednesday, Munger compared cryptocurrency to "venereal disease.”
Memes of the week
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