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It's ALL Risky
It's ALL Risky
UFOs have officially entered the zeitgeist.
A wave of evidence showing the existence gravity-defying UFOs has led politicians, military insiders, and public intellectuals to start taking the subject seriously.
Let’s take a look at the profound change happening in our culture, and the many intriguing connections between aliens and crypto

UFOs go mainstream
Sometime in the last few years, the media began taking UFOs seriously.
Declassified military encounters with mysterious physics-defying aircraft have made the subject impossible to ignore.
Stories about UFOs have even appeared in The New York Times and 60 Minutes!
60 Minutes interviewed former US Army Special Agent Lue Elizondo about UFO videos originating from the Pentagon
60 Minutes interviewed former US Army Special Agent Lue Elizondo about UFO videos originating from the Pentagon
The topic has clearly captured the government’s interest.
Last week, NASA announced a new research team dedicated to UFO sightings.
The news comes on the heels of May’s public congressional hearing on UFOs, the first in more than 50 years, which revealed a military database of 400 UFO sightings.
The military has been encouraging folks to come forward with their stories, even going so far as rebranding UFOs as UAPs (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena) to de-stigmatize the topic.
Some of the stories that’ve emerged so far are truly incredible, including multiple encounters where flying craft reportedly shut down facilities with nuclear missiles.
The flood of new information has led eminent public figures to speak out about extraterrestrial life.
In 2021, President Obama said discovery of aliens could lead to “new religions.”
When asked about military footage of UFOs, Obama said “we don’t know exactly what they are.”
On the other side of the aisle, President Trump told an interviewer he was “not such a believer” in aliens.
In late 2020, a former head of Israel’s space defense program Haim Eshed claimed Trump knew about friendly aliens and was on the verge of revealing their existence but was asked to withhold information to prevent “mass hysteria.”
Wherever you personally stand on the question of ETs, it’s undeniable that the debate has grown louder, and more nuanced, in recent years.
Eric Weinstein
To all the UFO people who were getting it right: I blew it. I thought you were bored, easily convinced, read too much sci-fi as kids, were easily taken in. I thought there was no way this could ambiguously exist in a world flooded with sensors. I thought you were not getting it.
There’s a strong statistical argument to be made that the universe is teeming with life, and public intellectuals are openly revising their beliefs in light of new evidence.
Physicist Michio Kaku told Joe Rogan there is a shift happening in the public discussion about UFOs.
Physicist Michio Kaku told Joe Rogan there is a shift happening in the public discussion about UFOs.
While all this has been going on, blockchain and crypto has steadily gaining traction in the wider world.
Some folks even think that Bitcoin is a gift from aliens.
ET Money
Cryptocurrency and extraterrestrials have been converging for a while.
Because Bitcoin’s origins are unknown and it is so radically different from existing technology, speculation has long simmered that it was introduced by aliens to help human civilization evolve.
Blockchain offers radical technical upgrades to our monetary system. Could it be a gift from afar?
Blockchain offers radical technical upgrades to our monetary system. Could it be a gift from afar?
Interestingly, many of the ideas behind Bitcoin first emerged among a group of thinkers preparing for extraterrestrial contact
The extropian movement of the 80s and 90s was based on the belief that humans could use technology to radically improve civilization, explore the cosmos, and eventually meet other forms of sentient life.
A group of extropians concluded that humanity would need to digitize its monetary system in order to accelerate our collective evolution and make space travel possible.
The group included Hal Finney and Nick Szabo, cryptographers whose early advocacy of digital cash laid the groundwork for the emergence of Bitcoin.
Finney and Szabo have both been speculated to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, based on their contributions to cryptography. Finney received the first Bitcoin transaction ever, and Szabo has the distinction of being deemed “most likely to be Satoshi” by Elon.
Bitcoin’s historical roots in the extropian movement has meant that alien-talk hasn’t had the same stigma with crypto folks that it does elsewhere.
For example, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, worth nearly a $100 billion dollars, said he 99.99% believes in aliens, and even suggested that they could operate in other dimensions: “They could look very similar to us but they could as well be very different to us in such a way that we can not really interact with them.”
Whether they’re right or wrong about ETs, the extropians were onto something when they talked about digitizing Earth’s money for outer space.
Whenever humans establish a lasting presence in space, they’ll need a way to transact.
Crypto makes more sense than anything else because it is portable, easily transferrable, and doesn’t rely on banks, governments, or other centralized earthbound entities for validation.
If aliens use money, there’s a good chance it operates on the same principles as Bitcoin.
If aliens exist, and they have a monetary system, there's a decent chance it operates on blockchain principles.
If aliens exist, and they have a monetary system, there's a decent chance it operates on blockchain principles.
The fact that UFOs are entering broad cultural awareness at the same historical moment that crypto is going mainstream is a pretty startling coincidence, given their intertwined history.
Believe it or not, the story gets even wilder…
More than any other crypto, Dogecoin embraces the alien vibe.
Doge is a fork of Bitcoin, so if it turns out that BTC ends up being alien tech, Doge will be too.
Doge is a fork of Bitcoin, so if it turns out that BTC ends up being alien tech, Doge will be too.
Like Bitcoin, Doge’s current creation myth leaves a lot of questions unanswered.
If friendly aliens wanted to make peaceful contact without fully revealing themselves to humans, it’s possible they might send something unthreatening and hilarious like Dogecoin as a welcome gift.
Some thinkers have speculated that Alien intelligence is so far advanced that, in comparison, humans would be like pets.
Dogecoin could be a message in a bottle, aliens’ way of expressing their fondness for humanity, akin to our collective benevolence toward domestic dogs.
The DogeArmy has leaned into the uncanny resonance between Aliens and Dogecoin, and there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to hint at a deeper connection.
For starters, when MyDoge investor Bill Lee purchased a Big3 basketball team with Dogecoin, he bought The Aliens.
The Wow! signal is radio signal detected in 1977 considered the strongest candidate for extraterrestrial transmission ever detected. The phrase “much wow” has become the definitive DogeArmy catchphrase. Coincidence?
Another morsel is the omnipresence of the meme number 420 in Doge culture. Some alien enthusiasts believe that aliens come from the Orion Nebula (i.e. Orion’s belt), also known as Messier 42.
Elon Musk
420 is ten times better than 42
Elon tweets about aliens often, and has even joked about being an alien on a few occasions.
Elon Musk
And, no, I'm not an alien...but I used to be one
After appearing on SNL last year, he attended a crypto-themed afterparty where servers dressed as aliens and passed out Dogecoin cupcakes.
The next day, he declared that Doge would be both the first meme in space and the first crypto in space.
Snoop Dogg has also played up Doge’s ET vibe, releasing a music video featuring a Shiba Inu and flannel-clad alien as his space travel sidekicks.
If ETs are among us, aliens might well have a base on the moon, giving the Dogecoin rallying cry “to the moon” new levels of meaning.
Questions about aliens, crypto, and outer space are big and complex.
No one has all the answers today.
With any luck, the future will contain fresh revelations.
While we wait, keep an eye toward the sky, an open mind, and a little Dogecoin on hand.
Take Me To Your Meme Lord
Over the last few years, aliens and UFOs have gone mainstream.
What was once a fringe theory is now being taken seriously by Presidents, military leaders, and public intellectuals.
This sea change is happening at the same moment that cryptocurrency is making a big leap.
Crypto and ETs have an intriguing shared history. Early crypto advocates believed that Earth’s money would need to be digitized before we could contact other civilizations.
Until Bitcoin’s mysterious origins are resolved, speculation will likely continue that it is alien tech. The same goes for Doge, famously described as “Bitcoin with a dog on it.”
It’s not unreasonable to wonder if friendly aliens might use blockchain and memes to upgrade our money and communicate their peaceful intentions for humanity.
Are we alone in the universe, waiting for contact, or already unknowingly cohabiting Earth with ETs and their newfangled dog-meme money?
The Truth, about Doge, is out there…
Dogey Treats: News Bites
Twitter will comply with Elon’s request for user data.
Elon posted a meme of a zoomerified Janet Yellen explaining rising interest rates and another meme about esoteric knowledge.
Did Elon predict 20k Bitcoin with a tweet containing a random string of numbers to Billy in 2021?
Ice Cube told Maria Bartiromo he wants Twitter to be free of bots and censorship.
After Jack Dorsey announced the creation of web5 built on Bitcoin, he challenged Elon to build web69 on Dogecoin. Elon responded enthusiastically.
An easter egg-laden mockup of Tesla’s futuristic Hollywood diner circulated on Twitter.
Elon said he thought the Cybertruck will be Tesla’s best product ever. A Cybertruck appeared in a new music video from Pharrell.
Senator Cynthia Lummis released a long-awaited bill to regulate crypto in the US.
The Big3’s Aliens revealed their jerseys, which include a Doge.
A decentralized dance party took place in Austin. Kimbal Musk was photographed with the Dogeclaren.
A Google engineer claimed the company’s AI has become sentient and was put on leave. Elon took note.
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