Here's Why Dogecoin Is Growing Stronger



Dogecoin is stronger than ever.
With mainstream attention, Elon tweets, and a notorious billionaire joining the Doge Army, Dogecoin is looking like it’s prepared to launch into the moon.
Let’s look at why Dogecoin is becoming more powerful and how the last week’s events are proof that Dogecoin is just getting started.

Dogecoin had another great week - here's why
Dogecoin had another great week - here's why
Look ma, I'm on TV!
Dogecoin has gone mainstream.
Fox Business briefly featured Dogecoin last week alongside heavyweights Bitcoin and Ethereum as being a top-performing crypto for year-over-year gains.
These gains are hard to ignore, with Dogecoin up a whopping 1,095% annually.
Much wow.
Dogecoin is making its way into living rooms worldwide with a feature from Fox Business
Dogecoin is making its way into living rooms worldwide with a feature from Fox Business
With returns like these, it’s no wonder Dogecoin is gaining in popularity.
Just recently, basketball star Paul Pierce has even gotten in on the mania.
Doge is also being used as a catalyst for good-will.
Companies like Finn are using the Dogecoin brand to help shelter dogs get adopted.
They’re running a campaign with Ogilvy to give 500 Dogecoins to folks that adopt a shelter dog through their program.
Adopted a dog & get 500 #Dogecoin 🐶💲

@Ogilvy Social.Lab & @PetFinn are on a mission to find pups a forever home. So, they're harnessing the power of #cryptocurrency & memes to boost doggy adoptions 'to the moon'! #AdoptaDogecoin

Learn more ->
They’ve already raised 100,000 DOGE, all for a good cause.
This is one of the many amazing things the Dogecoin community is doing to associate Doge with positive change in the world.
Elon still loves Dogecoin
It’s a good week when Elon Musk tweets about Dogecoin.
Elon mustered off a series of Doge tweets this week, with the most alluring involving his announcement of a special edition NFT song (about NFTs) that he was planning on selling.
Very meta.
Elon Musk
I’m selling this song about NFTs as an NFT
With a club-laden house beat reminiscent of his previous hit “Don’t doubt ur vibe” and featuring a silky female voice touting the appeals of NFTs, the song is an instant classic.
What’s more, the NFT includes a flashy GIF, laden with Doge Easter eggs including Shiba Inus and rocket ships heading to the moon.
Complete with diamond hands and HODL references, the rotating trophy levitating in space even features what appears to be Dogecoins.
If that isn’t a sign of Elon’s feelings on Dogecoin, I don’t know what is.
Elon Musk
Why are you so dogematic, they ask
Dogecoin NFTception
NFTs have exploded in popularity recently, with the artist Beeple auctioning off his magnum opus NFT artwork The First 5,000 Days for a cool $69 million in a historic Christie’s auction.
Beeple went on to tease Elon, offering him $69 million for the meta NFT.
Elon clapped back in his typical meme-lord fashion, demanding 420 million Dogecoins for the creation.
Beeple quickly agreed: “SOLD”.
Beeple went on to create a stunning work of art of a giant Elon Musk stark naked atop a Shiba Inu dog, holding an NFT trophy triumphantly in the air.
He titled the piece: Non-Fungible Elons.
Surrounded by piles of Dogecoins, the digital art features dozens of people gathering around Elon and meandering towards the coins.
Basically, the people are drawn to the People’s Crypto, with Elon at the center of the action.
Needless to say, it’s a masterpiece.
This isn’t Beeple’s first work of art involving Elon and Doge.
Previously, Beeple fashioned a hilariously similar picture featuring Elon walking a Shiba Inu.
Maybe it’s a teaser of what’s to come, as Elon recently tweeted that he plans to get a Shiba Inu dog for himself, making the announcement with the hashtag #resistanceisfutile.
Elon later backed off against his NFT sale, admitting that it “doesn’t feel quite right selling this”.
Elon Musk
Actually, doesn’t feel quite right selling this. Will pass.
His change of heart was followed up by a meme playfully mocking NFTs, showing a loner at a party lamenting that his peers don’t know about his NFT ownership of the song that’s playing.
Elon’s recent tweets about Doge and blockchain appear to affirm his continued loyalty to the dog-themed meme-coin.
With Elon as the unofficial leader of the Doge Army, Dogecoin has a lot to gain from his continued endorsement of the much wow meme-money.
What’s more, if Elon does get a Shiba Inu dog, then the Doge meme is sure to grow in stature as memes featuring him and his dog further encompass the Dogecoin meme-scape.
Elon is still tweeting about Doge, and that’s a good thing.
Elon loves Dogecoin (and the memes) - this is good for DOGE
Elon loves Dogecoin (and the memes) - this is good for DOGE
Robinhood's Redemption
Robinhood is back in the Dogecoin news cycle as notorious CEO Vlad Tenev made some positive remarks about the Doge Army and Robinhood’s role in creating crypto wallets for their customers.
Vlad sat down for a “fireside chat” where he was asked about Dogecoin and Robinhood’s role in the Dogecoin saga.
Vlad had friendly words for the Dogecoin community, saying “It’s a fun community, I mean the memes are just awesome, I love it”.
He went on to say that Robinhood is taking the crypto wallet initiative seriously, affirming that “We’re gonna try to get that done as fast as possible.”
Vlad even followed me on Twitter, perhaps in a show of solidarity with the Dogecoin community.
He went on to post a Doge gif under one of my tweets about him.
Vlad has seemingly joined the Doge Army
Vlad has seemingly joined the Doge Army
I’ll be turning up the heat so that Vlad knows we mean business.
In the fireside discussion, Vlad said that “The Dogecoin community has really embraced Robinhood.”
He’s right - Robinhood is almost certainly the top Dogecoin wallet holding around 28% of all the Dogecoin in circulation.
Robinhood doesn’t allow crypto withdrawals, so Robinhood is in control of the majority of the Dogecoin, creating a centralization problem that can only be solved if Robinhood allows its customers to withdraw their coins from the platform.
For Dogecoin to work as a currency, folks need to be able to spend it.
This is one of the leading problems facing Dogecoin, and Robinhood as an essential role to play in the solution.
Furthermore, distributing wallets would appease Elon’s ultimatum, allowing Elon to throw his “full support” behind Dogecoin.
Elon Musk
If major Dogecoin holders sell most of their coins, it will get my full support. Too much concentration is the only real issue imo.
Vlad is ramping up the public relations in large part to redeem Robinhood’s tattered reputation from the GameStop fiasco.
Vlad may also be joining the Doge Army because of pressure from Elon Musk.
Elon recently replied to a conversation under one of my tweets with user @leastImAlive, saying that Robinhood has a chance to outdo Coinbase by enabling withdrawals before Coinbase lists Dogecoin on their exchange.
The Dogecoin community had been pressuring Coinbase to add Dogecoin to their cryptocurrency exchange.
With Vlad joining the Dogecoin community, taking crypto withdrawals seriously, and making Robinhood’s role in Dogecoin’s success a priority, Dogecoin’s future is cast in a new light.
For better or worse, welcome to the Dogecoin Army, Vlad.
The Dogecoin community stands by as Coinbase and Robinhood race to appease the Doge Army
The Dogecoin community stands by as Coinbase and Robinhood race to appease the Doge Army
With Robinhood working to get wallets out to their customers and dilute the top DOGE whale wallet, the People's Coin will be back in the hands of the people, leading to a renaissance of utility and interest in a coin that makes crypto and value exchange online FUN
Dogecoin ended the week in a strong position, with mainstream attention, heightened interest from Elon, and Vlad’s truce all contributing to a beneficial week for everyone’s favorite meme money.
We’re in for another week of great memes, community enthusiasm, and mainstream interest as Dogecoin appears to only be growing stronger.
To the moon!
To the moon!
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Memes of the week
Not a meme, but check out this beauty
Not a meme, but check out this beauty
Top tweets of the week
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
Add DOGECOIN on Coinbase 🚀
A Mexican Peso is worth less than 1 Dogecoin

Think about that
Satoshi Nakamoto would have been a Dogecoin supporter #DogeToTheMoon
Lots of potential growth for Dogecoin in the future

- Eventual Coinbase listing
- Robinhood distributing wallets
- More companies accepting DOGE
- Continued coin development
- Meme evolution

Let's go to the moon! #Dogecoin #DOGE $DOGE
Coinbase not listing Dogecoin is insulting to their customers and the Dogecoin community

We are watching how they ignore our pleas while they list alt-coins with half of the market cap and community involvement

Dogecoin will succeed, whether Coinbase likes it or not $DOGE
Coinbase Pro just announced that Cardano $ADA will be listed on Coinbase

Still no word about when The People's Crypto, Dogecoin, will be added to Coinbase, but the longer they delay, the more potential customers and money they lose from folks that want to trade $DOGE
Dogecoin doesn't have an "infinite supply"

DOGE is disinflationary, with a fixed issuance of coins per year, giving way to a predictable, transparent, and decreasing inflation rate over time

Some inflation is actually good so you actually spend the coin, not hoard it! $DOGE
If you think about it, we now have 3 billionaires in the #DogeArmy

- Elon Musk @elonmusk
- Mark Cuban @mcuban
- Vlad Tenev @vladtenev

If we follow the money, it’s looking good for #Dogecoin

Who will be next? #DogecoinRise #DogeToTheMoon
The #DogeArmy is POWERFUL

We have the attention of Robinhood and @vladtenev

@mcuban is in our corner

All of Twitter knows we exist

Soon we'll rattle Coinbase, and anyone that stands in our way #DogecoinToTheMoon #DogecoinRise #Dogecoin #DOGE
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