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gm, ConstitutionDAO, and the Republic of Memes

Crypto culture is growing.
New civic-minded communities are popping up which use blockchain to pool financial resources in pursuit of common goals.
Blockchain-literate groups have a distinct advantage over competitors because they use a more advanced version of the Internet known as web3, sometimes called the “Internet of blockchains.”
In the last week, two intriguing web3 communities have emerged: $gm and ConstitutionDAO.
Let’s take a look at how these new groups are using blockchain to fight for a fairer, more civil world.

A new meme coin has burst onto the crypto scene, spreading like wildfire across Twitter and spilling out into the broader world.
$gm is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created a little over a week ago.
The token’s name refers to the practice of saying “good morning” on Twitter with the abbreviations gm, Gm, or GM.
gm is how we greet each other every day.
Cameron Winklevoss
gm to those who are building on the frontier
Jordan Belfort
GM TWITTER!!!!! What’s the plan for today???
Pentoshi Won’t Dm You. hates Dm’s. DM's are scams
This will be our GM thread. From this breath to our very last. Everyday we say GM and only GM
Ja Rule
One hand wash the other both hands wash the face… $gm
$gm is potentially the first token backed purely by a cultural practice. As a result, it has been dubbed a culture coin.
The practice of saying gm is a meme in crypto and NFT circles that connotes optimistic civility grounded in belief that crypto can change the world.
ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ
why do crypto people say gm at all hours of the day? because it's still early
Because of its optimism, gm has become associated with the meme acronym “wagmi,” short for “we’re all gonna make it.”
Wagmi expresses the belief that crypto will deliver financial freedom to the masses. The opposite of wagmi is “ngmi,” or “not gonna make it,” used to dismiss crypto doubters.
Wagmi and ngmi have been around for a while. Bloomberg picked up on the phenomenon of gm at the beginning of October.
Bloomberg Crypto
Crypto fans often start their day on social media by greeting fellow enthusiasts with a “gm” -- short for good morning. Friday was an especially good morning
Mainstream news coverage of the $gm token has been minimal so far, possibly because of controversial and misunderstood memes.
Despite limited coverage, interest in the token has grown rapidly, with an estimated 15,000 wallets having purchased $gm.
Cicero (gm,gm)
Good morning. Only a week in, $gm has grown to:

-$350m Market Cap
-$150m in daily trading volume
-15.5K holders

@gmwagmieth trading volume FAR EXCEEDS many top 100 coins. Bullish yet, anon?

@binance @cryptocom @coinbase @huobiglobal @FTX_Official @Kucoincom want some of dis?
Several exchanges are expected to list the $gm token in the coming days.
More importantly, it looks like gm could turn into a blockchain movement with a powerful presence in the non-digital world, perhaps the first of its kind.
Culture Tokens
The $gm token is the latest turn in what is sometimes called the Tokambrian Explosion, or the tokenization of everything.
So far, the biggest effect of the Tokambrian Explosion has been on ownership of digital artwork through NFTs.
Now, the token revolution appears to be unfurling into ephemeral units of culture.
As crypto takes root globally, blockchain technology will interact with the outside world in novel ways.
Gm could become a universal greeting for denizens of the metaverse, signifying citizenship of the Internet, that great connector of global humanity.
FTX (formerly Blockfolio)
There's no AM or PM in the metaverse, only GM.
Tokenization allows anything to be made into a commodity, even cultural practices.
Markets get to decide for themselves how valuable the practice of saying “good morning” is based on demand for the token.
So far, it’s worth about $300 million—not a bad start.
By comparison, the market has decided that dog memes are worth at least $60 billion. $gm could have a long way to go.
El Crypto Chapo
$GM may have pumped hard already, but let’s put this in perspective. If it proves to be a true culture coin, one that is unlike any other (which is def a possibility)…

$GM mcap $280M
$SHIB mcap $28B (100X)
$DOGE mcap $32B (114X)

1st first week of this journey. You’re early.
Like Doge to a dollar and Shib to a penny, $gm has an ambitious meme-based price target: flip the market cap of General Motors.
The ability of the gm community to meme this idea into existence should not be underestimated.
There’s also something about the tokenization of “gm” that speaks to this particular moment in history.
The global population is emerging from two years of pandemic conditions, including social distancing, lockdowns, travel restrictions, censorship, and other measures of state-imposed isolation.
People are looking for new ways to connect.
Out of necessity, they’re experimenting with blockchain to create novel forms of decentralized community.
Tokenized community could be a big part of the answer for pandemic isolation.
gm, take a photo with gm in it to be featured in our next collage.
The ability to fund communities around units of culture is a new and powerful tool.
So far, $gm has caught because of its simplicity and minimal barriers to entry.
Shortly after $gm started picking up steam, another civic-minded community emerged: ConstitutionDAO.
ConstitutionDAO is taking the energy of $gm and channeling it to create political influence.
Here’s how it’s going down.
ConstitutionDAO a Decentralized Autonomous Organization whose goal is to purchase the US Constitution.
DAOs operate like companies, but they are run by rule-based code instead of leaders. Members of a DAO can vote on its direction using governance tokens issued on a blockchain.
In just a few days, ConstitutionDAO raised over $40 million worth of Ethereum from 17,000 donors to buy one of the 13 existing physical copies of the US Constitution at a Sotheby’s auction. The average donation size was $200.
ConstitutionDAO (📜, 📜)
ok it is a little past midnight and we have now raised 40 MILLION DOLLARS to buy this constitution

today has been absolutely incredible, but its time for me to slep

see you all in the morning, we tweet at dawn [CHIRPBIRDICON]🌞 #wagbtc
ConstitutionDAO has gone viral, landing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and attracting thousands of members.
Its model allows anyone to participate in the owning of a physical copy of the Constitution simply by sending Ethereum to the pool.
In return for contributing, people receive governance tokens “with no expectation of profit.”
The tokens allow their owner to vote on “where the Constitution should be displayed, how it should be exhibited, and the mission and values of ConstitutionDAO.”
ConstitutionDAO is a group of people who love the Constitution and memes.
ConstitutionDAO is a group of people who love the Constitution and memes.
Like $GM, ConstitutionDAO is a meme-savvy movement, taking on the acronym meme WAGBTC, short for “We all gonna buy the constitution.”
On Thursday, ConstitutionDAO broke the record for the largest crowdfund ever to purchase a physical object, and made history as the first DAO to work with Sotheby’s.
In a stunning turn of events, ConstitutionDAO was outbid at the auction by meme-stock arch-villain Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel Hedge Fund.
Since Ken Griffin bought the Constitution from the people, I have decided to create a DAO for the people to buy Citadel.
On Friday, Griffin said that he will loan the Constitution to an Arkansas museum founded by Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton.
Griffin has been a bogeyman for the market-populist AMC/GameStop Ape movement since January, when evidence emerged that Citadel had coordinated with Robinhood to restrict trading on meme stocks.
Throughout 2021, Apes have targeted Griffin as a symbol for corrupt elitism in the financial world.
The optics of a single billionaire CEO outbidding seventeen thousand citizens for ownership of the Constitution are mind boggling, especially amidst one of the greatest wealth transfers to the upper class in history.
Last month, Griffin criticized crypto as a “jihadist call” against the dollar while Citadel’s Twitter account chided retail investors for trafficking in conspiracies.
His recent actions could unify the Ape movement and the blockchain community into a powerful, civic-minded, and meme-savvy political bloc.
Griffin appears to have won this round against the plebs, but the political battle for market fairness is just getting started.
The Meme Advantage
The ability for likeminded people to pool capital over the Internet has far-reaching but mostly unrealized consequences.
The emergence of $gm and ConstitutionDAO is a sign that blockchain-based community is on the rise and could become a powerful political force in the coming years.
Each group was able to gain thousands of members and raise millions of dollars in less than a week. Other political groups are surely taking notice.
As the Internet grows into a decentralized, borderless civil society with its own lingua franca based on the sharing of memes, similar campaigns and movements will likely arise.
As a political bloc, crypto is up against entrenched, moneyed elites of the legacy system. The old system isn’t going without a fight.
Time will tell if blockchain and memes give the people a winning edge in the battle for fair markets, but the future looks promising!
Jerry Brito
GM! Some good news: A comprehensive bipartisan bill has just been introduced in the House to fix EVERYTHING wrong with the infrastructure bill's crypto tax provision–including the unconstitutional §6050I individual reporting mandate.
Dogey Treats: News Bites
Elon posted an documentary about General Motors (GM) called “Who killed the electric car?,” said Mars needs babies, trolled Bernie/Biden, questioned the objectivity of the media, posted a meme of a viking raid, and posited that we live in a simulation.
Hillary Clinton said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies threaten the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
The Island Boys recorded a video about GM.
SpaceX scheduled the first orbital flight of its Starship for January. It also deployed 53 more Starlink satellites into orbit.
Tesla has begun adding Starlink Internet service to its Supercharger stations.
The stadium once known as the Staples Center, home of the LA Lakers, will be renamed Arena in the largest stadium naming rights deal ever.
Robinhood COO Christine Brown gave an update on Robinhood crypto wallets, saying the #WalletsAlpha program has begun.
Reason magazine published a video analysis of Bitcoin’s environmental impact.
Time Magazine will hold Ethereum on its balance sheet.
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