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Elon's Master Plan for Dogecoin

Last week, Tesla’s AI Day blew expectations out of the water.
After the presentation, commentators noted that Elon Musk’s various companies appeared to be converging into a vertically integrated mega-corporation for colonizing Mars.
However, most people overlooked the important role that Dogecoin could play in such an enterprise.
Is Doge for Mars inevitable?
Let’s take a look at Elon’s master plan for Mars and Dogecoin.

Elon may have a master plan for colonizing Mars, and Dogecoin could be a key factor
Elon may have a master plan for colonizing Mars, and Dogecoin could be a key factor
The Mars Stack
Tesla put on a mind-blowing presentation at AI Day.
Like 2020’s Battery Day, AI Day pulled back the curtain on how Tesla is remaking civilization’s core technology from the ground up.
Full Self-Driving, the Tesla Bot, and the Dojo supercomputer invite people to imagine a future where most transportation and physical work is done by AI-powered machines.
Humanoid robots could make human labor optional.
Humanoid robots could make human labor optional.
Tesla Bots and FSD could improve life over the next few years by saving thousands of lives and making manual labor optional, but something even bigger is brewing.
Are these new technologies being created with an eye toward inhabiting Mars?
Andreas Klinger 🏝
I love how @elonmusk creates the mars colony stack

- Rockets (spacex)
- Vehicles & Robots (tesla)
- Underground shelter (boring)
- Food (urban farms by kimbal)
- Power (solar city & tesla)
- Better HCI (neural link)
- Data connection (starlink)

Pomp 🌪
Elon Musk has secretly been executing a master plan to successfully colonize Mars.

This is the single most ambitious thing anyone is working on right now.

Absolutely WILD.
The Mars Stack Theory—the idea that Elon’s disparate ventures will converge into a Mars colony over the coming decades—is extremely compelling, but it’s missing a key insight: the colony will need a new kind of money.
Mars Money Upgrade
Elon has repeatedly talked about money as an information system.
Money” he’s said, “is just data that allows us to avoid the inconvenience of barter.”
Elon Musk
@Breedlove22 @benmezrich The thing we call money is just an information system for labor allocation.

What actually matters is making goods & providing services.

We should look at currencies from an information theory standpoint.

Whichever has least error & latency will win.
As a technology for conveying information, the present-day fiat system suffers from its pre-Internet origins: it’s slow, error-prone, and opaque, making it an easy target for manipulation by bad actors.
It also does a poor job of encouraging the creative spirit inherent in all humans. Countless would-be makers are trapped in unfulfilling jobs just to pay rent, while trillions of dollars sit idly in the bank accounts of a wealthy few.
The failure of the system has serious negative consequences. From the rigged stock market to student debt to inequality to war, our money is implicated in many of society’s worst failures.
For the Mars colony to manifest peak human performance, it will need to upgrade from fiat
For the Mars colony to manifest peak human performance, it will need to upgrade from fiat
Part of the allure of the Mars colony is the chance to jettison baggage from the past and reimagine civilization from the ground up.
Elon has already made it clear that Mars won’t recognized Earth-based laws, instead adopting its own self-governing principals.
All this isn’t to say that life on Mars is destined to be a utopian cakewalk.
Unforgiving frontier conditions will demand the colony operate at peak efficiency. Faulty money that promotes conflict, waste, or corruption could easily jeopardize the whole project.
A sound monetary system, by comparison, would allow colonists to focus civilization-building work like food, infrastructure, shelter, community, and exploration.
To give humanity a fresh start, the Mars Colony needs Dogecoin.
Doge and the Mars Economy
The Mars Stack is a vertically integrated supercompany designed to generate new civilizations.
For an undertaking of this scale and ambition, it’s more efficient to create in-house money than rely on currency controlled by uncontrollable outside entities like banks and governments.
By all appearances, Doge is in the early stages of auditioning for the role of the Stack’s native coin.
Doge may become a tool for abstracting value from one area of the Mars Stack so it can be moved around and redeployed elsewhere.
Doge may become a tool for abstracting value from one area of the Mars Stack so it can be moved around and redeployed elsewhere.
Here are some hypothetical scenarios describing how Doge could bridge together different Mars Stack enterprises:
  • A colonist uses a self-driving vehicle to carry out a scouting mission. He is paid Doge, which he sends back to Earth over Starlink so his family can buy tickets for a SpaceX flight to join him.
  • A family generates excess electricity from Tesla solar panels, which is sold back to the grid for Doge. The profits are used to pay for an underground expansion of their settlement.
  • An indoor farmer programs her Tesla Bot to grow food, which she sells for Doge at a local market. The profits are reinvested into another greenhouse and more Bot laborers in order to expand the operation.
For Doge to hold up as a medium of exchange in the Mars economy, it’ll need to be accepted by Tesla, SpaceX, and other businesses. That hasn’t happened yet, but it could happen sooner than we think.
Doge will also have to keep improving technically. With an upcoming fee reduction in the works, the good news is that Doge continues to advance towards Mars-readiness.
This past week saw the release of Dogecoin node 1.14.4, which will enable lower fees and make the network more secure.
Doge Whisperer 🐕
Dogecoin node 1.14.4 has been implemented by about 10% of the network so far. Great start!

The next update (which lowers fees) will need more nodes on 1.14.4. If you run a #Dogecoin node make sure to update!

If you’d like to run your own node, you can at
Meanwhile, Starlink announced it had shipped 100,000 satellites and is now operating in 14 countries, another sign that Doge’s infrastructure is gearing up for the big time.
There’s no guarantee Doge becomes the currency of Mars, but it sure looks like it has a head start on everyone else!
Destination Mars
The Mars Colony may feel like it’s a long ways off, but things are moving quickly.
If AI Day is any indication, a world of autonomous vehicles, AI-powered manual labor, UBI, and ubiquitous dog money may be closer than you think.
Whether spending, hodling, running a node, engaging with the community or making memes, Dogecoin gives people a chance to participate in a giant beta test of the Mars economy.
To the Mars!
Dogey Treats: News Bites
Tesla applied to become an electricity provider in Texas. Will they eventually provide electricity energy for Texas’s Bitcoin mining?
What does a passage from the WWI history The Guns of August have to do with Dogecoin?
A purchase or transfer of $1.5 billion worth of Dogecoin was recorded on the blockchain.
A fractionalized Doge NFT briefly hit nine figures.
AMC and GameStop broke out 69 days after Elon tweeted about them.
Amazon asked the FCC to block plans for a second-generation Starlink network.
Dogecoin trended in India.
According to Nic Carter, Elon Musk’s comments catalyzed transformation in the Bitcoin mining industry to become more environmentally sustainable while it relocated from China to North America.
Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu is very bullish on Doge.
Thursday was International Dog(e) Day.
Illinois’ Lake Forest County Treasurer is accepting donations in Dogecoin for her 2022 election campaign.
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