Dogecoin's Greatest Hits of 2021



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The Risky Letter
There is an inherently musical quality about Dogecoin.
2021 featured homages to the world’s leading dog-meme crypto from talented artists working across a variety of genres.
Here’s the music that defined Doge’s wild year.

Ð is for Ðogecoin
Elon tweeted this Dogecoin “Instructional video” right after Doge finished its first leg up of 2021, moving from less than a penny to seven cents in a few weeks.
Ð is for Ðogecoin
Ð is for Ðogecoin
The video features a mischievous Doge zipping around the world in a rocket ship while Dunderpatrullen’s bitpop crypto anthem “To The Moon” plays in the background.
At the time, some voices on Crypto Twitter were predicting Doge would eventually drop back below a penny.
Notably, the video anticipated the establishment's frosty reception toward Doge.
Notably, the video anticipated the establishment's frosty reception toward Doge.
The video suggested otherwise: Dogecoin, and maybe the rest of the meme-fueled Reddit rebellion, were here to stay.
Doge Minstrelsy
Mimi Mitina
@elonmusk toss a #doge to your witcher! i rewrote the song :D hope you can check it out :)
“Toss a Doge to Your Witcher,” by indie singer-songwriter Mimi Mitina, renders the 2021 meme stock saga as a catchy ukulele ballad:
when a humble Billy graced a ride along with Elon of Musk, along came this song/from when the whales fought with a hood-wearing devil/his army of shorties, at his hooves did they travel
The song, which is up for auction as an NFT, earned a double-fire-emoji review from Elon.
For your vanity
Elon dropped this song about NFTs in March, his first release since January 2020’s “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”
Elon Musk
I’m selling this song about NFTs as an NFT
Digital artist Beeple offered $69 million for the NFT. Elon asked for 420 million Doge before he reconsidered, saying he didn’t “feel quite right selling this.”
The song’s animation features four golden Shiba Inus circling a pair of diamond hands and rocket ships launching to the moon, hinting at Doge’s place in the emerging meme economy.
Doge Day
On April 20th, or “Doge Day,” Snoop Dogg tweeted a short film of his intergalactic escapades, with a Shiba Inu riding shotgun, to the tune of Billy Preston’s Nothing From Nothing.
Some voices predicted 4/20 would be a momentous day for Doge’s price. It didn’t happen, but Snoop’s video provided its own fitting climax to Doge Day.
The same Shiba-filled footage was later used for Snoop’s first single from The Algorithm, “Big Subwoofer.”
Dog Money
Remy: Dogecoin Rap
Remy: Dogecoin Rap
Doge Whisperer 🐕
Robinhood is rolling out crypto gifting!

Next week users will be able to gift #dogecoin to friends and family ! It’s a great way to introduce new people to crypto, especially $Doge

Feature will be available on December 22nd
This video by the artist Remy makes the case for Dog-themed money in a fiscal environment of high inflation with Hamilton-style lyricism and an ultra-modern outlook on personal finance:
“my 401k is now a 401(K9)/The sum of my net worth is no longer in a straight line/ I’m making smart moves, I ain’t gonna be a pun/ I sold my IRA and bought an NFT of one”
The song was spot-on in its appraisal of the growing meme economy: Shiba Inu coin pumped for the first time within days of its release.
Insterstellar Doge
Yahoo Finance
“Crypto gifting is a great way for our customers to remove that real emotional and economic barrier for their friends and family taking that first step into crypto,” Robinhood Crypto COO @christine_hall says about gifting crypto this holiday season.
The Sunday after Dogecoin SNL, with price in a free fall, Elon tweeted out this polka ode to Doge along with the news that SpaceX was launching the Doge-1 lunar satellite in 2022.
Elon Musk
SpaceX launching satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year

– Mission paid for in Doge
– 1st crypto in space
– 1st meme in space

To the mooooonnn!!
Dogecoin Song - To the Moon [Official]
Dogecoin Song - To the Moon [Official]
The news marked a new chapter in Doge’s story, inviting humanity to zoom out and contemplate a vision of Earth orbited by actual, literal Doge memes.
Memes and music
The Doge meme has a chameleon-like ability to cross boundaries in art.
The Dogecoin economy’s culture of tipping and donations makes it an ideal haven for makers, including musicians. More than anything, the DogeArmy enjoys art that features the Doge.
2021 saw several talented artists, both professional and amateur, make Doge-themed music for the first time.
The Doge cannon is rapidly evolving! With Doge set to become the first meme in space, it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for Dogely works of art in 2022.
Dogey Treats: News Bites
The US DOJ launched an investigation into short-selling by hedge funds and research firms.
Elon was named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” In an interview with Time, he explained why he thought Dogecoin was an ideal transactional currency.
Toys for Tots is taking donations in Dogecoin.
Dogecoin was mentioned during a Congressional hearing on crypto by California Rep. Brad Sherman. Sherman unintentionally caused Mongoose coin to rally 4000%.
Mr. Beast offered to help Elon quit his jobs and become an influencer.
Elon said he thought a Doge-colored Cybertruck would be “sick,” liked a tweet from Billy Markus about making Doge the currency of Mars, and said increase in autonomous vehicles “will be one of the biggest transformations ever in human civilization.”
Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht sold an NFT for $5.8 million worth of Ethereum to a DAO working to free him. Donors to the DAO use ROSS tokens to vote on governance proposals.
The $gm community is doing “100 days of gms” by donating to a new charity each day.
$PEOPLE, the native token of the now-defunct ConstitutionDAO, hit a new all-time high.
Florida is looking to become more friendly to crypto at the state level.
Dogecoin hash rate has been coming back online and now exceeds its pre-crash level.
Dogecoin is one of the most mispronounced words of 2021.
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