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Dogecoin Is For Everyone

It's ALL Risky
It's ALL Risky
The financial world is changing quickly.
Cryptocurrency has transformed from a niche pursuit to a technology with world-historical importance.
Crypto is already being used for a range of projects to improve collective prosperity and return power to the people. There’s no telling what the future holds.
Let’s take a look at some of the ways blockchain is shaping the world today, and why Dogeocoin could power people’s movements for years to come.

Mind the Gaps
The pandemic kickstarted a renaissance in retail investing, leading many people to buy crypto for the first time.
Millions have joined the digital economy over the last two years, but the growth has been uneven.
A gender gap remains among crypto investors. A recent survey by Robinhood found that men were more likely both to invest in crypto and to see it as the future of money.
Christine (Hall) Brown
We also saw that while 41% of women investors surveyed agree that crypto is the currency of the future, 41% of women investors also said they never have and never would invest in crypto.
To the naked eye, the gap appears to be narrowing. Social media has played a big part, with female content creators finding large audiences in crypto and NFT spaces.
Momentum is picking up. The same survey found a generational shift toward more open conversations about money, with Gen Z leading the way.
These disparities are a reminder of how early it is for crypto, and how far it still has to go.
Crypto adoption has been closely tracking Internet adoption in the 90s, a time when surfing the web was still considered a niche pursuit for nerds.
Crypto in 2022 has the same adoption as the Internet in 1998
Crypto in 2022 has the same adoption as the Internet in 1998
As Web3 onboards more people, it user base will become increasingly diverse, and this diversity will be reflected in the variety of causes that are powered by blockchains.
There are already signs that digital money is shaking the geopolitical landscape to its core.
Here’s how a few pioneers are using it to build a freer, more just world.
The Crypto-Powered Collective
One of the most promising ideas is a crypto-powered Universal Basic Income.
Andrew Yang created the Forward Party to advance UBI. Earlier this month, he started a lobbying group that will push for crypto-friendly policies.
Yang’s goal is ambitious: he wants to use crypto to end poverty and has called Web3 “the biggest anti-poverty opportunity of our time.”
Andrew Yang🧢⬆️🇺🇸
My goal is simple - eradicate poverty. Web3 can help.

Today we’re launching #Lobby3. Web3 can give rise to new opportunities for millions, but we need to educate DC on its positive potential.

We must bring the voices of Web3 to Capitol Hill. Join us at
The possibility of governments using crypto to boost individual prosperity isn’t far-fetched as it first sounds.
The brilliance of Bitcoin is that it created a free global market to exchange electricity for money.
By mining Bitcoin, governments can essentially swap excess energy for Bitcoin. This has the added bonus of stabilizing electricity demand.
Mayors in Miami and Missouri already have started programs to distribute Bitcoin to citizens—a great example of government working to improve people’s lives.
Elon Musk
Goal of government should be to maximize the happiness of the people. Giving each person money allows them to decide what meets their needs, rather than the blunt tool of legislation, which creates self-serving special interests.
The idea of fighting inequality with crypto has been around for a while. For years, Isaiah Jackson has been advocating Bitcoin as a form of sovereign wealth for black communities.
Earlier this month, CoinDesk published an article about using Bitcoin as a tool for social justice. The article explained how Bitcoin offer the promise of a fair and equitable financial system for groups who’ve suffered from discriminatory banking practices.
Bitcoin’s permissionless structure is especially important for groups across the political spectrum who face opposition from the state, and crypto is quickly becoming the quintessential tool for pushing back on state power.
Financial censorship is on the rise, turning crypto from a luxury to a necessity.
Financial censorship is on the rise, turning crypto from a luxury to a necessity.
Few groups in history can appreciate the consequences of government overreach like Native Americans.
Last November, news broke that the Navajo Nation has been mining Bitcoin with solar energy on tribal land.
The Freedom Convoy is another group using crypto to stand up to state power.
After its bank accounts and crypto wallets were ordered to be shut down by federal authorities, convoy organizers continued to move Bitcoin between wallets.
Crypto can also be a tool for governments to empower individuals.
Everyone is watching El Salvador to see what happens when a country makes Bitcoin legal tender. Early results have been encouraging.
This month, President Nayib Bukele tweeted that 2021 was the country’s first ever year of double-digit GDP growth. It also enjoyed a 13% growth in exports and a 30% jump in tourism. Its Bitcoin bond has raised $500 million dollars so far.
As prosperity increases, the likelihood of conflict both within and between countries will decline.
Space Force Major Jason Lowery has argued that Bitcoin will make nations more peaceful by functioning as a digital surrogate for “kinetic power projection,” or traditional war.
Lowery argues that, in the future, countries will compete to marshal the most energy to mine Bitcoin rather than expend that energy on costly and often pointless physical conflict.
With fighting breaking out in Ukraine and reports of China testing an invasion of Taiwan, the idea of a more peaceful world is appealing to everyone.
Both Ukraine and Russia are fast-tracking crypto legalization. De-escalation from physical confrontation to economic confrontation in cyberspace, as Lowery describes, would be a victory for the world.
The underlying theme of all these examples is that decentralized cryptocurrency can bolster any cause, regardless of where it sits on the political spectrum.
If governments use crypto as tool for increasing prosperity, it could help domesticate our worst impulses and bring about more peace.
Culture evolves in tandem with technology. Crypto could be pushing our collective evolution in a more positive direction and perhaps even raising our consciousness.
These are still early days in the story of digital money.
For crypto to make its next big leap, billions more people will have to be onboarded.
Fortunately, it has a secret weapon: Dogecoin.
Crypto by the people, for the people
Elon’s Dogecoin boosterism is one of the most fascinating stories in the financial world today, and maybe ever.
Rather than use his platform to endlessly pump the coin’s price, he’s attempted to create a conversation around the true value and limitations of money.
Elon Musk
Goods & services are the real economy, any form of money is simply the accounting thereof
Importantly, he keeps highlighting the idea that money’s true value derives from creative interactions between people.
Elon Musk
@Filasophical @ShibaInuHodler Out of curiosity, I acquired some ascii hash strings called “Bitcoin, Ethereum & Doge”. That’s it.

As I’ve said before, don’t bet the farm on crypto! True value is building products & providing services to your fellow human beings, not money in any form.
By calling Doge “the people’s cryptocurrency,” Elon is encouraging us to imagine what it would mean to have a form of money that is controlled by the world’s population rather than centralized institutions or elites.
Elon Musk
Dogecoin is the people’s crypto
Elon Musk
@ProTheDoge Lots of people I talked to on the production lines at Tesla or building rockets at SpaceX own Doge. They aren’t financial experts or Silicon Valley technologists. That’s why I decided to support Doge – it felt like the people’s crypto.
One of the most pernicious aspects of the current system is that new money is issued with a few keystrokes by unelected central bankers.
The only people that benefit from this arrangement are the already-powerful and rich, while regular folks watch their savings be devalued by inflation.
Elon Musk
@Blockworks_ Inflation is the most regressive tax of all, yet is advocated by those who claim to be progressive
A downstream effect of fiat devaluation is that it encourages people to constantly consume rather than produce out of fear that the money they hold today will be worth less tomorrow. In this way, fiat blunts the creative spirit.
A true people-powered economy would encourage people to make things for each other, rather than frenetically buying mass produced junk.
More than any other crypto, Dogecoin encourages creative acts between individuals.
The Dogecoin economy already has an army of artists, musicians, and other creatives.
Barriers for entry are intentionally low. Anyone join the Dogecoin creative collective by making low-effort memes.
Shibetoshi Nakamoto
I hereby declare today #LowEffortMemeDay and would like to encourage everyone to download mematic or some other meme making app and make some Dogecoin memes. They’re easy and fun to make. And who knows, maybe one of our low effort memes will catch on!

I’ll start:
The symbolism inherent in money is important too. The Doge meme has universal appeal, making Dogecoin one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for first-timers of all ages and backgrounds.
Dogecoin is about positivity and inclusiveness. Everyone is welcome in the #DogeArmy, a community bound by love of memes and dogs.
At a dynamic moment in history, with the world changing every day, having a bedrock community grounded in an optimistic vision of the future counts for a lot.
As powerful forces attempt to push us toward a more conflicted world, it’s up to regular people to resist division and create the conditions for unity ourselves.
Crypto is a tool for resisting top-down manipulation by increasing individuals’ prosperity, freedom, and control over their money.
Dogecoin stands out among cryptocurrencies for its radical inclusivity and creative economy.
A true people’s currency, Dogecoin puts artificial divisions into perspective, unifying us into an unstoppable #teamhumanity.
Dogecoin is for everyone.
Dogey Treats: News Bites
Elon said he was “greatly encouraged” to see the DOJ investigating short sellers. He added, “This is something the SEC should’ve done, but, curiously, did not.” He added, “Too often, sophisticated hedge funds have used short selling and complex derivatives to take advantage of small investors. They will short a company, conduct a negative publicity campaign to drive the stock price down temporarily and cash out, then do it all over again many times. The term for this, as you may be aware, is ‘short & distort.’ ”
When asked on Twitter if he’d been building a case against SEC corruption, Elon replied, "Building a case is exactly what I’ve been doing” and “I didn’t start the fight, but I will finish it.”
The battle with the SEC escalated on Thursday when the SEC announced a probe into Elon and his brother Kimbal for selling Tesla stock.
In a video from Kanye’s Donda 2 event, Elon was recorded saying “don’t bet the farm on crypto” while wearing a shirt that said “Crypto.”
The Vice PM of Ukraine asked for Starlink internet service in a public Twitter post and Elon provided it within 10 hours. Terminals arrived in Ukraine on Monday.
Ukraine has received over 156 Bitcoin after soliciting crypto donations on Twitter.
Will US financial sanctions against Russia erode the stability of the dollar-denominated global financial system?
A Canadian financial regulator flagged tweets from Coinbase and Kraken CEOs advocating non-custodial wallets.
Is Canada’s financial censorship the beginning of social credit systems in the West?
Elon reaffirmed his belief that the collapsing birth rate is the “single biggest threat to future of civilization. When someone asked him about bringing children into a world with climate change, he said "they will be fine.”
Tesla will accept Dogecoin at its Santa Monica charging station.
Adam Aron tweeted that AMC will accept Dogecoin through BitPay by March 19.
The UK law firm Gunnercooke now accepts Dogecoin.
The Russian Finance ministry submitted a proposal to regulate Bitcoin
A restaurant called Doge Burger opened in Dubai where customers can pay in Dogecoin.
After reports that the Biden administration was hesitant to invite Elon to the White House out of fear he would embarrass the President, said he would behave and “do the right thing.” In a letter to CNBC, Elon said Biden “has pointedly ignored Tesla” when talking about about electric vehicles.
Drake gifted Kodak Black 6.6 Bitcoin worth over $250k.
The world’s largest music label hired a Web3 Chief Product Officer.
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