By Julian Paul

A weekly newsletter to inspire & enhance your product iterations. Thoughtful iterations = purposeful products. 6 old issues on

A weekly newsletter to inspire & enhance your product iterations. Thoughtful iterations = purposeful products.
6 old issues on

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#12・ • into web3, consistency sin & early products to improve your processes.

firstJord Riekwel shares their logo application variations for RareBlock, a repurposed logo from their archives.

#11・ • taking simple ideas seriously, comfy animations & a minimalist graphical editor

firstLoek Vugs shares their process of figuring out where a shape can go during doodling and turning them into comfy animations.

#10・ • typographic logo processes, 2022 web design trends & an impressive SVG resource

firstFacu Bottazzi shares their typography-heavy exploration process for Liwen OC. Always inspiring to see how many directions are considered before one is decided upon.

#9・ • ux design processes, inside apple park & a new take on icons.

firstRamsés Cabello shares their approach to UX design as a process. Iteration can literally mean 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

#8・ • animated logos, craptop testing & one page builders.

firstPatrick Tuell shares their logo explorations with 9 variants for CRTSIDE. A geomatric direction.

#7・ • gifs are great for processes & inspiration from the founder of Matter

firstng—a—ng shares geometric designs from processes in Behalf Studio of working on commercial and non–profit design projects ranging from identity design, web design, publication to exhibition, etc.:.

#6・ • moving to Sundays & an addition of one profound question

firstSteffen Christiansen shares refining the look of a series of illustrations showcasing ways to get out of a creative block.

#5・ • welcome CREATORLIST members to your weekly dose of iterations.

firstGert van Duinen shares the logo construction wireframe that made Spedoria - badminton brand. "The goal is to develop new technologies, products and services that will advance every badminton player. On and off the court."

#4・ • instagram inspiration & small tools for big differences

first@preidmedia sharing the iterative logo design process.

#3・ 003 • a fresh take on the search engine, Jony Ive's next move and much more

firstRamseo Cabello shares tiny icons to illustrate the design process.

#2・ 002 • jam packed with powerful reads & tools

firstGold Lunchbox shares their progress through many to get to one.

#1・ 001 • reviving a 2020 classic with fresh energy

Your weekly newsletter to inspire & enhance your product iterations.