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Hello 2022. Another year, another chance to get your product, design, and life iterations on point. So here is a renewed commitment on my end: weekly consistency. Especially with customary questions to ponder with every issue. Here is 2022’s first:
What is the #1 thing you want to get done this year?
↓ Here is your weekly dose of iterations ↓

Ramsés Cabello shares their approach to UX design as a process. Iteration can literally mean 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
ux design process
ux design process
MadeByRadio depicts the nuances of a character before their handoff to a 3D modeler. I can already see it come alive!
Oscar Mayer "Keep It Oscar" Character Expression Sheet
Oscar Mayer "Keep It Oscar" Character Expression Sheet
The One-Sentence Formula That Reveals The Missing Ingredient In Your Goal by Josh Spector
“…Be selfish — it’s YOUR goal. The time and effort you put into something should lead to a reward you want. That reward can be financial, personal, external, or internal, but it’s important to identify why you’re doing something. But don’t confuse your result with your mission or purpose.…”
Read the full article.
Inside Apple Park: first look at the design team shaping the future of tech by Jonathan Bell
“…From a distance, all is sleek and seamless, with barely a hint of what lies beneath the quarter-kilometre-long façade. However, it is a 260,000 sq m machine of massive complexity. From the natural ventilation systems to the multilayered glazing, from the bespoke door handles to the 9,000 carefully specified trees, every single facet of this multibillion-dollar structure has been subjected to the kind of scrutiny most designers can only dream of…“
Read the full article.
What does simplicity really mean for product design? by Vida Zhang
“…Simply designed UIs are more aesthetic, which means your product will be more pleasant to use. With a simpler interface, the user has less to process (aka “reduced cognitive load”). Their focus enhances. They can find information and get things done faster…“
Read the full article.
  • mmm » Websites shouldn’t all look the same. We prefer campy, kitschy, messy, imperfect.
  • Remmo » remote control of your Mac via iPhone
  • Session » focus and be more mindful by blocking distractions and tracking your progress
  • Iconshock » 100k icons for you to download for free.
  • Phosphor » a flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations.
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