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Week 01 of 2022 is over. It’s been a slow one for me as I am still with family and only getting back to work tomorrow. I’ve used this time to launch a tiny Notion-based product that holds the way I plan my work. I call it TIDO. It connects your tasks with Intentions and Desired Outcomes, so they can become more purposeful and drive your macro momentum, week by week. TIDOs provide me with a ton of clarity & direction. You can download for free. It’s a 2022 gift from me to you. And so is this weekly question:
How do you ensure your micro-tasks are contributing to your desired macro outcomes everyday?
↓ Let’s get into your weekly dose of iterations ↓

Facu Bottazzi shares their typography-heavy exploration process for Liwen OC. Always inspiring to see how many directions are considered before one is decided upon.
Liwen //Sketch Process
Liwen //Sketch Process
Val Waters shares their type treatment exploration for Casa Robles. Further explaining “the thread line here was to create fluid shapes that felt chaotic, unexpected with a dash of whimsy (yet still allowing proper legibility), using as references the artwork of Miró and Matisse”. Inspiring to say the least.
Casa Robles - Process
Casa Robles - Process
Our tried-and-tested approach to Design Systems by Lazar Glumac
“…Well thought out systems can be an immensely useful tool when taking on any kind of design project … From a philosophical standpoint, systematic thinking is a constant loop that helps us anticipate and get over all the design obstacles that we might encounter…”
Read the full article.
Why Too Much Talking Is Detrimental To Your Success by Darius Foroux
“…it’s dangerous to become in love with your own voice because you can learn more from others than from yourself. So instead of talking — why not ask questions? And listen..…”
Read the full article.
22 inspiring web design trends for 2022 by Mischa Vaughn
“…We seem to be in a bit of a renaissance period of the early web. It makes sense. Fashion has also been borrowing heavily from the late 90s and early aughts. Many of us have been spending time at home idly surfing the internet, looking for something diverting or exciting like we used to do when the web was first emerging…“
Read the full article.
  • SoftUI » An open-source design tool.
  • Glyphicons » Visual language that everybody understands
  • Async Art Browser Extension » showcase the latest artwork from the Async Art gallery.
  • Wonder » Host virtual events that inspire people to get together.
  • fffuel » SVG generators, tools & resources.
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