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Welcome back. This week has me pondering over the habitual nature of humans. We can take time off and even step back from it all, but the second we are back in our “work environment”, our minds know exactly what to do. Personally, I’ve always struggled to trust that my skills & knowledge would remain, despite time passing and other things clouding my top of mind. But as I grow older, it is clear that being immersed in what I love doing (product development) pushes me to expand my consciousness at every opportunity. I believe learning out of curiosity is more impactful than learning out of duty. So my question for you this week:
What makes you learn to understand, not memorize?
Do more of the former. The latter is fleeting.
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Loek Vugs shares their process of figuring out where a shape can go during doodling and turning them into comfy animations.
Meditative animations
Meditative animations
Davor Butorac shares their first sketches on iPad using Procreate, which helps immensely with undo/redo actions.
P Logo design sketches.
P Logo design sketches.
Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously by Cedric Chin.
“… not all moats are created equally. It’s tempting to think that if a moat produces overwhelming pricing power, this results in unparalleled profits and therefore acts as an unalloyed good. The Nomad letters hint that this isn’t necessarily the case. What matters is durability of compounding growth … If you find a useful idea, it’s probably worth it to work out all the second and third order implications before moving on.…”
Read the full article.
Breaking Out of the Box by Patrick Brossett.
“…Window Controls Overlay removes the physical constraint of the title bar and window controls areas. It frees up the full height of the app window, enabling the title bar and window control buttons to be overlaid on top of the application’s web content… this feature is a chance to enhance your app to use this extra space when it’s available….”
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The good, the bad and the toggle by Alex Bueno.
“…Do not use toggles in forms. Use checkboxes or radio buttons instead … Do not use toggles in filters or multiple selections of elements … Use toggles for settings and changes that have an immediate effect on the UI … Avoid mixing toggle button groups and segmented controls…”
Read the full article.
  • MonoFocus » focus on your work and beat distractions.
  • Wanda » wonderflow’s open-source design system built for digital products and experiences.
  • SVGator » the easiest way to animate SVGs.
  • Pika » create beautiful product screenshots in seconds.
  • Minimator » minimalist geometric graphical editor.
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