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By Julian Paul • Issue #6 • View online
2021 is soon to be over. So I’ve recently been asking myself what I want from my next year on this planet… I always get contemplative towards the end of each year. Especially NYE. And I can only recommend you do the same. Introspections and retrospectives are invaluable. They help us find out what we need to start, stop and continue doing. And that in itself is an iterative process. Trial and error. The more you do and iterate, the better your design (of life, graphic, product - whatever) will be. This week I want to leave you with a simple question:
What will your 2022-self want you to have accomplished in these last weeks of 2021.
↓ Without further ado here is your weekly dose of iterations ↓

Steffen Christiansen shares refining the look of a series of illustrations showcasing ways to get out of a creative block.
Iterate, Iterate & Iterate
Iterate, Iterate & Iterate
Catherine Wang shares their quantitative output of a P - Logo design process.
P - logo design
P - logo design
Why white looks bigger than black — The irradiation illusion by Gonçalo Dias
“…The term irradiation illusion was coined by German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz in the 1860s to describe the visual perception in which a light area appears larger than an identically-sized dark area…”
Read the full article.
How People Make Big Decisions by Shane Parish
“…You have a choice in how you run your life. There is no “can’t,” only “will” and “won’t.” The trick is knowing why you are, or aren’t, moving around the existential cycle and, in particular, crossing your Rubicon. Like we’ve said, the right thing isn’t to always cross or always not cross. The right thing is to understand why you want to cross or don’t want to cross, and then make your decision…”
Read the full article.
The boredom paradox: how to turn boredom to your advantage by Dr. Hannah England
“…Whatever the type of boredom you experience, it is a signal that it is time to make a change. Instead of suffering through it, you can use boredom as a springboard to something new and exciting…”
Read the full article.
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