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Over the past months, I’ve been diving deep into web3 and NFTs. I find this space extremely exciting and daunting at the same time. It moves so frickin fast, finding cool new projects is almost a certainty multiple times a day. All in all, it’s a welcome breeze of fresh air for the world of entrepreneurship. Possibilities seem literally endless. So my question for you this week is this:
What’s the last trend that excited you? And what made it boring again?
If we know what makes us scratch our itch, we might stick with obsessions for longer. Wanna share? Simply reply to this email.
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Jord Riekwel shares their logo application variations for RareBlock, a repurposed logo from their archives.
RareBlocks Logo
RareBlocks Logo
Eddie Lobanavskiy shares different mints for the DroniesNFT.
Consistency Sin by Craig Hockenberry.
“…The roots of consistency sin take hold when folks disregard the inherent differences between platforms. A greater importance is placed on making sure things match visually: how a person uses that design takes a back seat…”
Read the full article.
Revisiting why hyperlinks are blue Elise Blanchard.
“…Red highlighting made the links more visible, but reduced the user’s capacity to read and retain the content of the text… blue was visible, on both white and black backgrounds and didn’t interfere with retention…”
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Good leaders ask good questions by Jehad Affoneh
“…The best leaders are lifelong learners who have genuine curiosity to solve complex problems empathy to understand the pain and joy of their team, and have the focus and discipline to truly execute…”
Read the full article.
  • HelloList » your life more organized.
  • Pasteline » the best place for your notes.
  • Symfoz » create your own playlist of content.
  • Timestripe » day by day goal manager.
  • Calm » work/life balance for your calendars.
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