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Have you ever thought about how Christmas is one of the universal holidays that connect families back together in western culture? I mean really think about it… Apart from Christmas and maybe Thanksgiving, we don’t find many reasons to gather the whole family for the whole year. I think it’s a bit sad we don’t find more reasons to spend time with our family. Life shouldn’t be so busy we forget to stay in touch with our siblings, parents, and grandparents. Personally, I try to see my grandparents once a week. My parents I call twice a week. I find older generations provide me with perspective and wisdom. The kind only family can give. But that differs from person to person… So here is my 1 question for you:
In what frequency do you meet your parents / grandparents? How does this make you feel?
↓ Without further ado here is your weekly dose of iterations ↓

ng—a—ng shares geometric designs from processes in Behalf Studio of working on commercial and non–profit design projects ranging from identity design, web design, publication to exhibition, etc.:.
Working (independently and collaboratively)
Working (independently and collaboratively)
James Anderson shares how the new dropbox icon was derived from the geometry and negative space of the Dropbox glyph. Stating: “The isometric layering represents the process of creation within the Dropbox ecosystem.”
Paper Icon Process
Paper Icon Process
The Rebrand Trend of 2021? Acting Your Age by Rachel del Valle
“…This trend is one part practical, one part cultural. Midcentury graphic design, which straddled the print and emerging digital worlds of its time, had technical restrictions that resulted in simpler, more abstract work…”
Read the full article.
The Practice of Truly Enjoying Time Off by Leo Babauta
“…Often we will do something, but not be 100 percent into it — we feel guilty, our mind is somewhere else, we feel we should be doing other things. That’s how I often experience my time off — I should be doing something else…”
Read the full article.
Designing a better reading experience with Ben Springwater, co-founder of Matter by Anne-Laure Le Cunff
“…Bezos talks about the importance of focusing on needs that won’t change. For instance, ten years from now, customers will still want faster delivery. We know the supply of great content will continue to rise, attention will always be scarce, and the returns to making good decisions about what to read will remain high — and indeed, increase — over time. Creating a better decision engine for reading is a long-term, vitally important project…”
Read the full article.
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