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This is the last issue 2021 will ever see. I leave you with this:
Iteration is a dynamic state. Finished doesn’t exist.
See you in 2022.

Patrick Tuell shares their logo explorations with 9 variants for CRTSIDE. A geomatric direction.
CRTSIDE Logo Explorations
CRTSIDE Logo Explorations
Ashot shares the extrapolation of animating the logo. A fresh movement of making a logo come alive.
Sobusiness. - Logo animation
Sobusiness. - Logo animation
Test Your Product on a Crappy Laptop by Eric Bailey
“…There’s a certain percentage of devices who try to access your product that will be able to load enough of it to register a hit, but then bounce because the experience is so terrible it is effectively unusable…”
Read the full article.
The Mere Urgency Effect by The Doist Team
“…This cognitive bias explains why, despite our best intentions, we get sucked into email and team chats at the expense of more impactful work. Responding to messages invariably feels urgent – there’s always someone waiting for a reply. In contrast, our most important goals are often far off. There are no immediate consequences to putting them off until tomorrow…”
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There’s never been a better time to build websites by Simeon Griggs
“…While there’s absolutely a learning curve to getting started, once you’ve got momentum, modern web development feels like having rocket boosters. The distance between idea and execution is as short as it’s ever been…”
Read the full article.
  1. » create a personal one-pager in a few clicks.
  2. minipoll » create simple shareable polls in seconds.
  3. » create unique websites straight from your phone.
  4. » 25 alternative interfaces for creating and editing images and text.
  5. oslash » transform long URLs into simple Shortcuts for you and your team.
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