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By Julian Paul • Issue #3 • View online
Yet another edition of I.D. This week’s newsletter had to be very quick. My new job as a Product Owner at is taking up a lot of my time, leaving little for my other businesses like HUSTLE OS. But all with due time. I also released another article this week titled 5 Reasons why your client will never respond. If you’ve gotten ghosted (like I have) from clients before, then you will love to give that piece a cheeky read… Anyways. I don’t want to keep you too long this week, so let’s dive into your weekly dose of iterations ↓

Ramseo Cabello shares tiny icons to illustrate the design process.
⚪️ ⚫️ process
⚪️ ⚫️ process
Yosbrands shares the DONE - Production House Exploration.
DONE - LOGO Exploration
DONE - LOGO Exploration
How to make a map of your mind by Austin Kleon
“…When ideas aren’t coming, or I’m confused about what’s going on in my head, I’ll make something called a mind map. Starting in the middle of a notebook page, I’ll draw a picture, or write a word or phrase with a box or a circle around it, then I’ll write the first word or phrase that comes to my mind next to it, enclose it with a box or a circle, and draw a line connecting them…”
Read the full article & watch the video.
Jony Ive’s first design since leaving Apple isn’t what you expect by Mark Wilson.
“…Look more closely, and you’ll see the structure is built upon seven interlocking rings. These circles hint at the Bauhaus sensibility that grounded much of Ive’s work at Apple (Bauhaus was a literal school where design was revolutionized by embracing basic geometries and industrial materials)…”
Read the full article.
Don’t Go to Work by Seth Stevenson
“…We were letting people run free like unicorns. We were also shining a bright light on the people who’d previously been able to hide inside the system by showing up every day without actually accomplishing much…”
Read the full article.
  • » The private search engine that summarizes the web.
  • Frames » A modular design system for bubble apps.
  • Simple.css » A classless CSS framework to make a good-looking site quickly.
  • Pattern Generator » Unique, seamless, royalty‑free patterns.
  • Projector » Your all-in-one creative space.
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