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As promised, is back with consistency. And I want to start writing a little more personal in these intro’s. So here we go. This week, I am super pumped to say one of the articles I wrote on the relationship between CAC & LTV got into the Better Marketing Medium publication. Articles, just like design and product development have a massively iterative process behind them. I usually get a ton of words/structure down very quickly, but editing takes the bulk of my time. Cutting words, rearranging paragraphs, and adding more clarity usually happens after many iterations. And sometimes rewriting half of the thing is an absolute necessity. As iterators, I think we can all relate to getting content, design or product to that “good enough” stage… we’re all our greatest critics at the end of the day, no? This is why having well-designed iterative processes is so imperative to reach outcomes.
Without further ado, let’s dive into your weekly dose of iterations

Gold Lunchbox shares their progress through many to get to one.
iterate iterate iterate
iterate iterate iterate
Misha Heesakers shares the process of creating generative, irregular grids and goes deeper in an article here.
Process(ing): Generative Irregular Grid
Process(ing): Generative Irregular Grid
In the garden of ideas by Fanny Luor.
“…Wolfgang Köhler, a German-American psychologist, first observed this phenomenon in a group of Spanish speakers in 1929. In 2001, neuroscientists Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Edward Hubbard expanded upon this study…”
Read the full article here.
An ode to oddly satisfying product experiences by Pete Sena.
“…The proof is in the results: This UI feature boosted Hotel Tonight’s revenue by 10% each year. People pay good money to feel comforted, and the best interfaces go out of their way to make it simple for people to relax and enjoy their experience…”
Read the full Medium article here.
The critical role of discovery in product development by Matthew Godfrey
“…Another way to think of discovery is as an ongoing and continuous stream of activities carried out by a product team (or a subset of) in order to determine, to a degree of confidence, what to build; before they decide how to build it…”
Read the full Medium article here.
  • Streamline » 100,000 icons, illustrations and emoji for all your projects. Customize them to your brand in seconds.
  • SESH » Making friends is hard.
  • LOREM.SPACE » Placeholder image API.
  • JAM » Collaboratively edit your website.
  • Img.Upscaler » Smart PNG / JPG image upscaler.
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