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WE ARE BACK. I know it’s been a while (a little over a year to be exact), but what better time to get back into publishing weekly newsletters than now. Incase you already forgot about this beautiful publication, used to be on (you can still view the old posts from 2020). But as I (Julian Paul) am building out my Twitter, I am leaving substack for the integration they built around Revue newsletters showing up below your bio 😍 So. Here we are. A new year. A new publishing tool. And a commitment to bring these weekly to you. So. What is this again? is an effort to find the best way from point A to point B within product design & development. As product people, we are always on a journey which oftentimes includes a gruelling process of winding roads and countless amounts of macro/micro decisions. This is especially true when considering the fact that products are always evolving and adapting, whilst leaving their iterations mostly chaotic and uncontrolled. wants to change that by gathering tools, stories & inspirations around a community that seeks to enhance this never-ending iterative process of designing and building products.
So without further ado, let’s get into your weekly dose of iterations.

John Oates from Focus Lab LLC on the iterative process around motion and forms from a recent project.
Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
Gert van Duinen on the iterative process of conceptualizing a design idea into multiple different logo variants.
Logo Design Process Iteration
Logo Design Process Iteration
Learning From the Feynman Technique
Acquire life-changing insight from the man who Bill Gates called “the greatest teacher I never had” by Evernote.
“They called Feynman the “Great Explainer.” Richard Feynman (1918–1988), an authorgraphic novel hero, intellectual, philosopher, physicist, and No Ordinary Genius is considered to be one of the most important physicists…”
Read the full article on Medium HERE.
Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.
An inspiring article by one of the most influential people in habit creation and mindset shifting. James Clear is truly clear.
“…I set goals for the grades I wanted to get in school, for the weights I wanted to lift in the gym, for the profits I wanted to earn in business. I succeeded at a few, but I failed at a lot of them. Eventually, I began to realize that my results had very little to do with the goals I set and nearly everything to do with the systems I followed…”
Read the full article HERE.
Why does everything look the same?
An analytical piece around how the current design thinking mindset is heavily influenced by Lean methodologies which believe that there is no optimal solution to any given problem. By VYSHYVKA.
“…It’s hard to know beforehand whether more people will respond to your marketing email with pictures of cats vs. pictures of flowers. Will more people click on a short and intriguing headline..”
Read the full article on Medium HERE.
  • Good Finds by Briefbox » A curated list of resources for designers.
  • Huddle » Get a pop-up team of superstar designers and builders.
  • Get Waves » Make some waves! (SVG generator)
  • Contrast » App for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios.
  • Voicl » Engage with your users via voice.
Thank you so much for reading this far! I really appreciate your time and would be very grateful if you found this newsletter not only useful but also worthy of sharing with interested friends. is crafted with 🧠 by Julian Paul. You can find out more about me HERE &/or shoot me a message over Twitter anytime! I would love to chat 👋
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