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Dear Startup Digest Italy reader, some interesting events and calls this week, topics include venture capital, retail tech, deceleration, an event in southern Italy, digital innovation, and fintech. Do not forget to give a look to the reminder section to check out the most interesting opportunities from the previous issues of the Startup Digest Italy. Have a great week and may the force be with you.

New this week
Tech Talk by Pi School
RetailTech Meetup by TechItalia
Decelera 2022
SpinUp Award 2022 – StartUp & PMI Competition
Reminders from previous issues
Il 90% delle startup fallisce, ecco 5 modi per rimanere nel 10%
Call Bee Innovation - HIVE-M9
Startup Competition WMF2022
Io ci credo 2022 - In Cibum Lab
a16z START
EU Prize for Women Innovators
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