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Dear Startup Digest Italy reader, this week I bring to your attention events and opportunities about language-translation technologies, the role of entrepreneurship through success stories, digital health, fashion-tech, silver economy, sport-tech. Plus I suggest you give a look both to the reminder section and to previous issues of the Startup Digest Italy to be sure to avoid missing any interesting opportunity for your startup. Have a great week and may the force be with you

New this week
Research Grants Ceremony - Imminent
Premio Impresa e Valore
Patients' Digital Health Awards
e-P Summit 2022
Next Age - Building the Silver Economy opportunities
We Sport Up
Reminders from previous issues
Tavolo Giovani #Lifelong Learning
Torino Cities of the Future Techstars 2022 | Demo Day
The Awards for Digital Industries | BOLD Awards
Call Bee Innovation - HIVE-M9
Startup Competition WMF2022 | Revue
EU Prize for Women Innovators
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