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Dear Startup Digest Italy reader, this week there are opportunities to learn more about innovation, technologies, investments and the startup world, plus open innovation, digital manufacturing, e-learning, industrial innovation, and environmental innovation. Be sure to give a look also to the reminders section to check out the opportunities still open and have a great week. May the force be with you.

New this week
Maker Faire Academy
Venture Deals
Ntt Data Discovery
Forward Factory: call for startup  digital manufacturing
Tavolo Giovani #Lifelong Learning
Industrial Innovation Day: dialogo tra ricerca, imprese e talenti
ReStartApp 2022
Reminders from previous issues
NextEdu Torino
Terra Next Accelerator
BioInItaly South Edition
Call Bee Innovation - HIVE-M9
Immediate, acceleration program for media and entertainment startups
Hydrogentech accelerator
Trends in Artificial intelligence
EU Prize for Women Innovators
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