By Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon. Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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Target_is_New - Issue #193

Paper for the weekI need to mention the new paper for the Aitech research group:“The concept of meaningful human control has been proposed to address responsibility gaps and mitigate them by establishing conditions that enable a proper attribution of responsi…


Target_is_New - Issue #192

Next week a full edition again. Enjoy the week!


Target_is_New - Issue #191

One of the sessions at ThingsCon will dive into “Animistic Design”. Looking into possible speakers this paper was suggested: Robotic Improvisers: Rule-Based Improvisation and Emergent Behaviour in HRIA super interesting topic again. “A key challenge in human-…


Target_is_New - Issue #190

This week a freshly published article looks into a specific concept of interaction as a design strategy for AI and social robots: resonance. The article dives into understanding resonance as a pervasive phenomenon and its role in human interactions. It is an …


Target_is_New - Issue #189

I promise I will dive into more papers in the coming weeks; here is one that is rather nearby as I know the authors well. The article is great on the relationship of communities and blockchain-like systems (the commons)Three mechanisms are identified in this …


Target_is_New - Issue #188

I keep this short, and look at an oldie. Not so long ago this video of a short presentation on the key role of systems by Ackoff. As a good professor there is also a lot of literature. The paper below is from 1994, very relevant still. He wrote several books …


Target_is_New - Issue #187

In the Cities of Things update mentioned above the balance of agency between humans and nonhumans is the main topic to reflect. In this paper by Hermann-Pillath a case is made to introduce “technosphere science” next to the Anthropocene to address some of the…


Target_is_New - Issue #186

The research of Kars Alfrink is very related to the topics this newsletter is addressing, I think, I mentioned it before in edition 176. Now he has a first journal article published on “Tensions in transparent urban AI” connected to the case of designing a sm…


Target_is_New - Issue #185

Paper of the weekOn Twitter I was pointed to an interesting paper on human autonomy in the age of artificial intelligence.Prunkl, C. (2022). Human autonomy in the age of artificial intelligence. Nature Machine Intelligence, 4 (2), 99-101.Current AI policy rec…


Target_is_New - Issue #184

This paper by Kitchin is already some years old but the notion of the real-time city is very vivid still. I like also the concept that Kitchin introduced in their book code/space that is describing the situation we have grown into a digital layer that is defi…


Target_is_New - Issue #183

Some online sessions I checked: a Dezeen panel on metaverse and architecture with some great reflections by Liam Young. You might even only check his 5 min introduction starting at 7:40. Behind the scenes of the metaverse, the render sweatshops. Real people t…


Target_is_New - Issue #182

Paper of the weekIn the Cities of Things reflecting post mentioned above, I refer to the concept of alienation. I found this column by Jonathan Bean a nice short expression of that concept in the case of connected products that disconnect the working from the…


Target_is_New - Issue #181

Let me highlight this week a paper based on a graduation project I supervised last year. Always nice if a graduation project leads to this. It is about trust and autonomous vehicles, which relates to one of the articles of last week. The paper is by David Val…


Target_is_New - Issue #180

Paper of the weekLet me take one of the list this week, papers that I used in my research for predictive relations in cities of things: the notion of Fluid Assemblage as described in this paper:Redström, J., & Wiltse, H. (2015). Press Play: Acts of defini…


Target_is_New - Issue #179

Paper of the week week a paper with a more applied topic instead of a conceptual exploration:Williamsson, J. (2021). Business model design for campus-based autonomous deliveries–A Swedish …


Target_is_New - Issue #178

I keep this one also short and a bot close by. For designing interactions and behaviors of intelligent things, robots with agency and other responsive objects, a tool or method that is a great starting point is so-called Things Centered Design. There is a lit…


Target_is_New - Issue #177

A couple of articles deal with the relationship between humans and non-humans. The paper of Marenko is dealing with one of the related concepts to approach non-human objects: animism:Marenko, B. (2014). Neo-animism and design: A new paradigm in object theory.…


Target_is_New - Issue #176

Paper of the weekKars Alfrink is doing an interesting PhD research into the topic of contestable AI. Last week he updated his bibliography with key publications on his project website.“These are works we have used in our research. In particular these all capt…


Target_is_New - Issue #175

Before diving into a paper for this week, let me share a lovely little tool: tl;dr papers. Based on the GPT-3 engine it promises "science abstracts for second graders. written by AI." The tool delivers nice insides in your own or some else's work. Fun to see,…


Target_is_New - Issue #174

Paper of the weekThis is a new part I like to introduce. Papers pop up in the news items of course too, but I hardly have time to read them front to end in that week. So the papers I pick here I have read some time ago and are kind of top of mind still. I wil…