By Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as innovation director, also blogger, co-organising @ThingsCon & Behavior Design AMS meetup #bdams
Visiting researcher and lab-director at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (

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Target_is_New - Issue #162

Welcome to this weekly newsletter that is sent at the beginning of every week looking back and forward a week in both activities and news captured.Last week?Let's keep the update of last week short. After returning from Munich (see last week's newsletter) I n…


Target_is_New - Issue #161

As ‘predicted’ last week, this newsletter is arriving a day late, due to the obligations on Monday (more below), and a bumpy train ride. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!Typing this in an ICE back from Munich. Monday 11 Oc…


Target_is_New - Issue #160

Happy animal day! Is that a worldwide thing? Nevertheless, I do not happen to have any pets to treat especially but I will be more conscious of my vegetarian dinner today :-)This week is a bit busy and overflowing into the Monday writing routine, so I keep th…


Target_is_New - Issue #159

End of September entering the last quarter of 2021. Nice to have you all reading the weekly update. To compensate for last week's late arrival I thought to do an earlier delivery today.Looking back at last week, next to the usual supervising of students, writ…


Target_is_New - Issue #158

Welcome to another edition of the weekly update on all things interesting around - mainly - IoT, AI, autonomous, companions in tech, tech impact in life, and cities. I am realizing this is quite a broad scope, or might sound like it, but it is generally sayin…


Target_is_New - Issue #157

Welcome to the new(s) update! I returned last week from my vacation with a little delay (driving an oldtimer for the road trip is a risk). Starting this week again with the weekly updates, noticeable news from last week, and interesting events. Welcome also t…


Target_is_New - Issue #156

As mentioned in the last edition this week my vacation starts. At this moment of sending I plan to be at the first stop of our North-German roadtrip. Nevertheless I thought it would be nice to share the found articles of last week. On creepy robot dogs and ot…


Target_is_New - Issue #155

Welcome (again) to my weekly update newsletter. I share interesting articles on tech mainly related to IoT, AI, robotics, and general impact. I also write a monthly reflection specifically on 'Cities of Things'-related topics, based on one of the month's arti…


Target_is_New - Issue #154

Thanks for reading. Hope I can share some interesting articles from last week to contribute to deal with our weak summer (for those who read in from the Netherlands of course)!Let me first congratulate Peicheng Guo on his graduation this morning. He did a rea…


Target_is_New - Issue #153

Dear subscribers, another slow holiday edition.Or maybe not so slow at all... The number of meetings is less that is for sure, so more time to process the research on design (city)things with predictive knowledge. Started coding the results of the interviews …


Target_is_New - Issue #152

Happy holidays over there!? Getting quieter as excepted for the news here; and still is covid not gone even with more people vaccinated. Hope you all hold tight.I keep the update short. Two graduation students are in the final stage of their project, two are …


Target_is_New - Issue #151

Hi all, thanks for reading and being subscribed (if not, feel warmly invited!)I will not travel for vacation till half of August, hopefully, it will be possible to travel still outside the country, we will see. I keep posting these weekly updates, curious to …


Target_is_New - Issue #150

Hi all. Thanks for subscribing and reading this newsletter! As every week a short update on noticeable things happened last week and looking into this week, with special attention on experiences from events I visited and calendar of possible events. And a sho…


Target_is_New - Issue #149

Hi all, a bit shorter week, let's quickly look at what has happened last week and will happen this week. You can feel that the holiday season is near leading to some final sprints.First of all: congrats to Jip! He has successfully graduated last Friday with h…


Target_is_New - Issue #148

Hi all! Thanks for opening and reading this newsletter. First apologies for the late sending; proposal deadlines on Monday do not happen that often...That is also the short summary of last week as I was quite busy shaping a project for a proposal, which is ve…


Target_is_New - Issue #147

Hi all. This week I will do a short(er) update and collection of news as I have been busy with some proposal writing on top of the normal activities.Last week I missed out on a lot but I did attend two sessions of the Low Carbon Design Institute (LoCDI), one …


Target_is_New - Issue #146

Welcome to the summer! We just skipped spring here in the Netherlands but luckily summer looks promising for now ;-) As every week, thanks for being a subscriber. For the new people, I will share here some reflections on last week, both on the work related to…


Target_is_New - Issue #145

Hello all! Welcome to new subscribers. Let's dive into a quick recap of last week and a look forward to this week, before checking out the most interesting news-bites.Within the Delft Design Lab Cities of Things Jim graduated on his project everydAI (An AI as…


Target_is_New - Issue #144

Dear subscriber, As expected this email lands a bit later in your mailbox due to the public holiday yesterday. For the first time here? You might consider subscribing and receive this email around 18:00 CET on Mondays.First a look back at last week as always.…


Target_is_New - Issue #143

Hi all, good to see you here (again) at this weeknotes newsletter, my week in review: what got my attention in human-machine tech, cities, design, IoT, and other interests. Let me mention that I also write a monthly newsletter specifically linked to Cities of…