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Target_is_New - Issue #75

Hi all. No, you did not missed this e-mail newsletter in the piles of e-mails, I just did not find th
Target_is_New - Issue #75
By Iskander Smit • Issue #75 • View online
Hi all. No, you did not missed this e-mail newsletter in the piles of e-mails, I just did not find the rhythm yet. I have good intentions for this year doing monthly updates at least. I intent to connect the newsletter even more to my research activities in Delft; on partnerships in cities of things (PACT) and specific: what does it mean to us and to designers if we get predictive relations with things. My annotations to articles will be related to that. I invite you all readers to reach-out if you have thoughts on the subject, or like to discuss things (pun intended).

Update on diverse activities
Last e-mail was just before ThingsCon, the conference we organised for the 5th time in Amsterdam The Netherlands, and for the first time in Rotterdam. BlueCity turned out to be a great location with the right atmosphere for our conference. We need to tune a bit on the layout of the conference next time, but that is the charm of a new location… Find some impressions here We will be joining forces with the German ThingsCon team so hopefully you can expect more events the coming year. 
Activities the last months:
  • Final presentation of City of the Future-project (30 November), publication will follow soon.
  • Published on Smart mobility on Emerce (Dutch), and presented on these trends for travel professionals.
  • Final session in the research project of Co-ReUS, responsive urban spaces, I was invited to share experiences in the panel
  • Diverse educational activities at TU Delft, next to my main occupation; doing research.
Speaking on the latter, I passed the 9 Month-mark, which is a moment in a PhD process in Delft to share your first thoughts direction and research plan. The topic of the research should be more precise, which means for most people that is should be more specific and focused. 
It is still in flux, but I started with the topic ‘Designing the mechanics for open and resilient city structures’. I now focus on the interplay of humans and non-humans in the context of Things with agency, or even more specific, things that take initiative in this interplay. And I specifically will look what the role of predictive relations is here. I can imagine that this is still fuzzy, but imagine the way the service Spotify is now so ‘intelligent’ that it suggests new type of services to the design team of Spotify, instead of the other way around. To understand their own product a special team is responsible for gathering product insights now from their won product…
I hope that my research will contribute to the design instruments for these kind of products that will become the defacto standard in every data-driven product. And I will especially focus what it means for the relation we have with the things.
Let me know if you feel connected to this topic, especially working with physical products, I will be gathering as much as possible use cases and their designers to see what is the current practice.

Some interesting reads
Just a couple of reads of the last week(s). A lot on autonomous mobility in different forms.
Amazon Scout robots take to pavements in Washington State
This start-up is launching a remote-controlled ‘grocery store on wheels'
carlo ratti serves up an urban self-driving cafe with robotic bartender
Micromobility, An Introduction
Autonomous plans: VW, BMW and Daimler hold talks on cooperation in self-driving cars
Moving away from mobility, towards autonomous and robotics in general.
More than HumanCentered Design — Ding Magazine
At Alibaba's futuristic hotel, robots deliver towels and mix cocktails
Why Robots Will Never Take Over the World
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Gradually, then suddenly
And to end.
Everything You Know About Global Order Is Wrong
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as innovation director and leading @LABSinfonl, also blogger @targetisnew, co-organising @ThingsConAMS & Behavior Design AMS meetup #bdams
Visiting professor TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (Connected Everyday Lab) @pact_tudelft

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