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Target_is_New - Issue #70

So the new weekly update cycle was broken right away, but for good reasons; a vacation. Back for a we
Target_is_New - Issue #70
By Iskander Smit • Issue #70 • View online
So the new weekly update cycle was broken right away, but for good reasons; a vacation. Back for a week now so let’s do a quick update.
Last week I visited NordiCHI conference in Oslo. This localised version of CHI had numerous of talks on papers and more. I liked the one on an assisted driving wheel, and one on platform design, just to name two. Maria Luce Lupetti, postdoc researcher in the PACT project at TU Delft, presented the future scenarios paper, I was co-author for. She did a great job in presenting, and the paper is definitely interesting to check out if you are interested in the future consequences of autonomous things with their own agency, as a new kind of citizens in our cities.

Near future cities of things
This week it will be busy with events. Both a ThingsCon Salon on the Real Future of Smart Mobility and a Behavior Design AMS meetup on Playful Active Urban Living are scheduled this week. Say hi if you are there!
ThingsCon Salon #14 - The Real Future of Mobility
BDAMS#18: Playful Active Urban Living
Talking about smart mobility and playful active living. The future could be very well be a walkable city according this article. They ask themselves if the pedestrian is not overlooked in the attention for all kind of new autonomous driving. The qualities of a city are very well met with walking, and the famous last mile will be often based on feet as we don’t have the space in the city for different modes of transportation.
Of course the articles on AI are still going strong. I will be visiting part of the Worldsummit AI this week, and I am specifically interested in the discussions on the ethics of AI. There is a lot to think through how bots are entering our life and taking part in the total ecosystem of things we do. Interesting premises in this article to think about: are bots becoming impersonators of people that pretending to be bots?
In the discussion of privacy and personal space in your digital life I expect for some time that we will breed our personal assistants that can create copies of ourself that we steer in the direction we like people to understand us. It is a strange situation though, what is real and what is not…
Bots pretending to be humans pretending to be bots…
What is a AI system anyhow? In this article a breakdown is made of an Amazon Echo, beautifully visualised. A long read for on my reading list.
For the serious interested, they should look to this thesis of Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio, on the Algorithmic Sovereignty…
See you next week!
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as innovation director and leading @LABSinfonl, also blogger @targetisnew, co-organising @ThingsConAMS & Behavior Design AMS meetup #bdams
Visiting professor TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (Connected Everyday Lab) @pact_tudelft

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