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Target_is_New - Issue #207

Target_is_New - Issue #207
By Iskander Smit • Issue #207 • View online
Hi all! Already a week past since the vacation. Busy catching up with the Cities of Things field labs in Rotterdam, where we tested a rough conversational robot kit for the Afrikaandermarkt, and the Munich Amsterdam plans, where we presented the attentive neighborhood community hub for the Circular Society Forum. Next to that, rounding up a research report into web3 from a different lens. And preparing for a new role, I will tell more next week, I think.
Let’s quickly dive into the news of last week and some potential interesting events. The season has started, and a lot is organized again, I notice. Last week I attended the online PRIMER22 conference. Or at least I tried, but due to the time difference, I was able to catch a few talks. A pity Hopin as a conference tool makes you feel very distant always.
For this and next week, these events might be interesting:
And some of the news I noticed last week.

Can Society Learn From the Mistakes of Futurism?
Nvidia says falling GPU prices are a story of the past
Upset by high prices, GM's Cruise develops its own chips for self-driving cars
Is AI Art a ‘Toy’ or a ‘Weapon’?
The Pathologies of the Attention Economy
Radar Trends to Watch: September 2022 – O’Reilly
Paper for this week
To stay a bit in the Web3 space. Back in 2014, Vitalik Buterin wrote a defining blog on Distributed Autonomous Organisations, one of the core components of Web3 technologies. This year he is one of the authors of a reflective paper on the state of a decentralized society: Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul. Judge for yourself if it is ‘saving’ the Web3 movement from the investment angle…
In this paper, we illustrate how non-transferable “soulbound” tokens (SBTs) representing the commitments, credentials, and affiliations of “Souls” can encode the trust networks of the real economy to establish provenance and reputation. More importantly, SBTs enable other applications of increasing ambition, such as community wallet recovery, sybil-resistant governance, mechanisms for decentralization, and novel markets with decomposable, shared rights.
Weyl, Eric Glen and Ohlhaver, Puja and Buterin, Vitalik, Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul (May 10, 2022).
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I am working @_Structural as a design director and chair Cities of Things foundation, co-organizing @ThingsCon.

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