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Target_is_New - Issue #198





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Target_is_New - Issue #198
By Iskander Smit • Issue #198 • View online
Hi all! Back from a short break until last Wednesday. If you are into art and/or heritage and/or hiking you might consider having a look at; the place we went.
Not so much to share on last week for that reason. I attended Dutch Digital Day like every year since I was part of the program team again. Or more part of a reference board, almost all of the credits for the program are for Monique I think. It was a good mix. The event as a whole was the first one in person after corona and has to find its mojo again a bit I think. Or I need to find my connection of course…
On Friday evening I visited the opening of a new exhibition at Brutus: Wild Summer of Art, not so much related to the themes of this newsletter but if you are into art in Rotterdam style, it might be worth having a look.
Events for the coming time
With the summer started the event season is coming to a break of course. I am looking forward to the inaugural lectures of Anja Overdiek and Tomasz Jaskiewicz this Wednesday of course. Both much related to participatory design research and with Tomasz, I coordinate the research program Cities of Things Lab 010.
The Amsterdam UAS Communication and Multimedia Design has its yearly Golden Dots awards and a special celebration of 20 years CMD. Check it out.
So far for now.
News for this week
Art and memes. And with lots of artificial this week…

Where Is Design Fiction?
Toronto wants to kill the smart city forever
New PET-like plastic made directly from waste biomass - EPFL
Robots that read human body language promise to boost productivity without taking our jobs
ETH Zurich develops wearable muscles - The Robot Report
ACMI x DALL·E mini. We thought we’d pass the ACMI… | by Simon Loffler | Jun, 2022 | ACMI LABS
Inside DALL-E Mini, the Internet’s Favorite Artificial Intelligence Meme Machine | WIRED
filippo nassetti’s AI designs place spaceships into the painted worlds of bosch and caravaggio
Democratizing Reality: Designing for VR, AR and the Metaverse
Box073: Pictures about Computers. – The Bounding Box
Mojo Vision CEO first to wear company’s smart contact lens
Scientists Are Trying to Grow Crops in the Dark | WIRED
Paper for this week
There were a lot of people I know from academic design at DRS conference. Let me pick one of the papers that were presented.
Metaphors for designers working with AI
“This paper has set out some ideas around the use of metaphors when carrying out design with and around AI technology. It maps out some of the ways that metaphors are used generally, and picks out the use of abstractions and conceptual metaphor that characterize discussion around computer science.”
Murray-Rust, D., Nicenboim, I., and Lockton, D. (2022) Metaphors for designers working with AI, in Lockton, D., Lenzi, S., Hekkert, P., Oak, A., Sádaba, J., Lloyd, P. (eds.), DRS2022: Bilbao, 25 June - 3 July, Bilbao, Spain.
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Iskander Smit

Weekly updates on human-tech interactions in robotics, ai, autonomous vehicles, cities, and beyond.
I am working @_Structural as a design director and chair Cities of Things foundation, co-organizing @ThingsCon.

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