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Target_is_New - Issue #197

Target_is_New - Issue #197
By Iskander Smit • Issue #197 • View online
Hi all! Happy summer!
Looking back to last week let’s reflect on The Next Web. It was the first good old edition since pre-covid. Last October was an in-between edition I understood, and I missed that one. The location has changed to Taets in Zaandam; when living on the west side of Amsterdam well reachable by bike; for all others, it was kind of a hassle I heard from different visitors. I need to say that the talks I saw were not too inspiring and sometimes felt like ‘back to the future’. The atmosphere was nevertheless as always and met many familiar faces. So it was a good time to catch up.
Was there anything to conclude about the next web? Not really I think, the usual topics from metaverse to blockchain and some web3. There was less focus on startups, and the stages there were smaller than ever. There was more attention to spirituality and personal growth. Contemplating with someone trying to catch the current and next state I draw the conclusion we are still looking for what is a new state of reality after everything has pivoted into digital default. We are not back again, we maybe are living a hybrid life that feels like the in-between world of Being John Malkovich. Is this also linked to the shift to fluidity in identities? Or am I going too far now?
Despite the lack of direct inspiration was it valuable to be triggered into this kind of thinking. It proves that not always the content is defining the quality, it is in the end what it triggers.
It was nice to see colleague Anandita present on the Digital Twin together with Ard of Growy. It is a nice example of how making sense of connected things is in the digital twinning on multiple levels. Analyzing the twin is a great way of understanding. On the website of INFO you can find more.
Speaking on digital twinning; Monday morning I attended the first part of a conference on eHubs, aka metropolitan mobility conference, the final event of an Interreg research program. I could only see the first session with some politicians from different cities and researchers from different universities addressing some main topics. The connection of data for nudging people into a certain mobility behavior, from monomodal to multimodal, would benefit from a digital twin lens; what if the data and the service layer are the core place for the design of behavior? How will that relate to the physical touchpoints, and the orchestration of different mobility modes? This is something that deserves more elaboration but this newsletter is not the place for that.
Events for the coming week
This morning (Tuesday) the eHubs conference continues. And the Urban Living Lab Summit is starting today too. Later in the afternoon Mobility|Society event is in Delft. On Wednesday Dcode is having a day of keynote and workshops under the theme “Design for entangled interactions”.
I realize that with the end of covid (for how long it will last), all events are primarily in person. For people not living in the Netherlands, that might be a hassle for these events. I will however also signal international events of course. Like the Internet of Things meetups in London (next week). The Hmm is going to Maastricht this Thursday.
That is it for now.
News captures of the week
It seems an intensive week for autonomous cars and other vehicles.

Robotics expert Robin Murphy explains why 'Star Wars' robots don't reflect reality
What Most People Don’t Understand About Future Autonomous Cars
Self-Driving and Driver-Assist Technology Linked to Hundreds of Car Crashes - The New York Times
A.I. robotaxis already running in China could be coming to the U.S. | Fortune
LaMDA and the Sentient AI Trap
Introducing the Community Power Compass – Smithery
What AI Can Tell Us About Intelligence
Hyundai's autonomous ship is the first to make a transoceanic journey
Scientists have figured out how to put living skin on robots - Pique Newsmagazine
Russia is taking over Ukraine’s Internet
Horizon Robotics releases robot development platform
With Phone (1), Nothing hopes to succeed where Essential failed | Ars Technica
Paper for this week
It can be interesting to look at topics from a different cultural context: “Using the theories underpinning Transition Design, this paper reports a case study on the core four processes of Transition Design and prototypes which are place-based and decentralized future visions inspired by Japanese traditional Arts.”
That is the topic of the paper “Speculation of The Purpose of Life in 2050 from Kyoto”
Check it out here
Iwabuchi, M., & Mizuno, D. (2020). Speculation of the Purpose of Life in 2050 from Kyoto: Case Study on Transition Design in Japan
See you in 2 weeks!
As I will be off next week visiting some heritage and culture.
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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