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Target_is_New - Issue #188

Target_is_New - Issue #188
By Iskander Smit • Issue #188 • View online
Hello all. I hope you had a pleasant Easter time. Here we had an extra day off on Monday dedicated to Easter brunches and enjoying a warm spring day. Biking around Amsterdam Noord, to experience the new developments of Buiksloterham and around, that I can see from home on the other side of the river IJ. It is changing fast. It left a bit less time than usual to go through the captured news items…
Last week was quite a regular mix of planning and updating on the field labs, and sitting with students to check their progress. Like the technical informatics student team (University from Applied Sciences Amsterdam) working on a project to dive into interactions with vocal things based on applied AI. Work on the organizing for ThingsCon too.
Events for this week
Last week I did not manage to visit an event, meetup or else. Not sure if the calendar and todo-list will allow it this week, but here are some things that caught my attention:
News of last week
Some interesting articles again. Our relation to intelligence, and what is the robot in our home…

Robots are learning to think like humans. Can they meet Amazon's demands for speed?
Podcast: What do you want in a home robot?
RoboCT brings in $15M for robotic exoskeletons
The Boneyard Principle: Why the Next Big Thing will Emerge from a Failed Idea
Bosch ramps up automated vehicle efforts with Five acquisition
Self-driving cars can be tricked into seeing red traffic lights as green
Gartner’s market guide to vehicle routing and scheduling systems
Paper of this week
I keep this short, and look at an oldie. Not so long ago this video of a short presentation on the key role of systems by Ackoff. As a good professor there is also a lot of literature. The paper below is from 1994, very relevant still. He wrote several books and specific framings later. It is relevant even before our current impact of technology as it was pre-consumer-internet. The thinking is very relevant, and it connects to the beliefs on Cities of Things that it should be seen as an assemblage of connected objects and the relations are key here.
Ackoff, R. L. (1994). Systems thinking and thinking systems. System Dynamics Review , 10 (2‐3), 175-188.
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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