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Target_is_New - Issue #170

Target_is_New - Issue #170
By Iskander Smit • Issue #170 • View online
Happy Tuesday (yes a slight delayed). Thanks for subscribing!
Last week was for an important part dedicated to ThingsCon preparations. The student competition was as big as last year and the evening program was an experiment to organize in a different tool than the usual Zoom or Big Bleu Button. SpatialChat worked rather well for shaping an environment that did not feel like the usual online space, you can really wander around and meet people, have a chat in one corner etc. Also, the presentations of the student projects in a Spatial exhibition worked very well. The staging environment can use some more interaction, but it also worked pretty well. So happy to have made the decision to organize even without the in-person program we were looking forward to so much… Hopefully we can do that again next year in an edition just before summer.
I expect/hope we will have an after-movie ready next week, or before the Christmas break at the latest.
We are running towards the end of the year, so I don’t think there are a lot of events or meetups to visit. I just ran into a short session organized by David ‘New World Same Human’ Mattin, reflecting on the trends of the coming year I think. It is that time of year, see also the first article below.
That is the one thing I ran into, maybe I should check some of the talks that are still in my ‘watch later youtube list, like Neil Stephenson, a documentary on the first smartphoneMorozovRethinking HumanityWiny Maas
Or just read all the articles of last week.

Learning with and from robots
A system for designing and training intelligent soft robots
This Robot Looks Like a Pancake and Jumps Like a Maggot - The New York Times
Knightscope IPO taking security robots public
Toronto considers banning sidewalk robots
Robots: Watch a robotic arm play table tennis after just 90 minutes of training | New Scientist
Mimicking the human brain to help robot out of maze
Innovative Robot Designs that prove 2021 has been the year of AI advances!
And about AI and autonomy
Fake AI, Frederike Kaltheuner, Meatspace Press (2021)
6 tips for autonomous cars to safely share roads with cyclists
Mercedes-Benz gets world’s first approval for automated driving system
[FSD Beta 10.6] San Jose Stress Test...Rail Roads, Pedestrians & Bad Drivers
Our digital life
Smart homes or smart paperwork?
Snap AR Spectacles hands-on: an ambitious, impractical start
And to end
🚀Tech Trends Newsletter: End of Year Recap
Inside Apple Park: first look at the design team shaping the future of tech
See you next week!
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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