By Iskander Smit

Target_is_New - Issue #166





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Target_is_New - Issue #166
By Iskander Smit • Issue #166 • View online
Hi all. Welcome to this weekly update. The update on weekly activities can be short as I was off a couple of days last week. I did visit Eindhoven for Glow which was a nice experience. Less crowded or at least less mass experience without a fixed route. I never had to show my QR-code that many times before. The quality of the works differed as always, some were quite nice, others mwah. Let me share one: Drop of Light by Gijs van Bon. He combined lasers and falling water beams in perfect harmony to create flying diamonds. The nice part next to the stunning visual effects was that it was operated live in a nice co-performance of technology and human.
COP26 was a big thing last week of course. And not for nothing, the importance is clear. The results were weak according to a lot. Signals of change might be there, but is it enough on time? Are we still making a world that caters to human life (scroll to the end for a possible answer)?
And then we had the new covid-measures announced. I was happy to be at Glow on time. We will announce soon what measures will have an impact on ThingsCon Boutique of Salons, but we will change plans as we cannot count on the ending of these measures on the 4th of December. Keep an eye on the newsletter of the website this week!
What else to do this week? I saw some nice tweets pass by from IAM Weekend in Barcelona. I might check out their online program that runs thru Thursday. I think I mentioned the DEI4EAI workshop last week I think. On Thursday ICAI is organizing AI & Mobility in NL and an online lunch session.
Ok, let’s dive into the news of last week.

Fighting the biggest hypes: Web3 or metaverse
Web3: What it is, why it matters, why all the crypto people can’t stop talking about it.
Notes on Web3
Neal Stephenson: Sci-Fi, Space, Aliens, AI, VR & the Future of Humanity
Meta Isn’t the Only Company Building the Metaverse
How the VR Company Spatial Became the Airbnb for NFTs
‘AR Is Where the Real Metaverse Is Going to Happen’
But don't forget the robots
This Intrepid Robot Is the WALL-E of the Deep Sea
Speaking on autonomous things
Gatik autonomous box trucks hit new milestone with Walmart
And to close
Twitter Blue Is for People Who Love Reading the News | WIRED
Privacy Is Hard and Seven Other Myths
The Human-Built World Is Not Built For Humans
Have a great week!
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Iskander Smit

I am working @Infonl as a research director, and chair Cities of Things, blogger Target_is_New, co-organizing @ThingsCon.
Visiting researcher at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

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